Why I think we will get the tough luck loot policy

This to me sounds like we will get a simple response to loot issue tickets: "Run it again"

To which I strongly agree. We will deal with these issues as a community


Correct. As it should be.


At first, I thought his was going to be a troll post from the wording of the subject line. Then I read your post.

That was how the community did it. I ran a lot of Maraudon runs for people. I liked tanking Mara so I ran it for a lot of people. My only requirement is that we had to also take out the crocodile boss. I wanted a shot that his boots that took forever to drop for me.

I had so many happy groups over time.

Hopefully blizzard won’t even respond to these tickets, and we know who the ninja’s are.

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This post definitely doesn’t belong in the loot sharing blue post thread. A++ good thread.

Problem is the doomsayers will just use that as an excuse that blizzard only made this change/wanted loot trading in the game is so they could save money on GM’s and that actiblizz is pulling the strings.

No complaints here. Players will just need to pay more attention, like avoiding accidently pulling that patrol into the mix, wiping your group.

What’s your point?

The point is we don’t need 10 new threads every time there is a blue post thread. Just like the AV in Classic blue thread generated 15-20 AV in classic threads.

This is how it should be.

Especially if they want to cut down on tickets, transferring items would just encourage people to make tickets in the future.

Plus as Kaivax (and OP) rightly imply, you can just run it again.

Good solution. Good job, Blizz.

Back in Vanilla, people who stole from dungeon runs/raids were cast out of the community. I’m looking forward to it.

Did you know that it’s not that serious?

Bro, it’s not that serious.

You don’t have to be a doomsayer for this situation. Blizzard has been pretty open about wanting to save money on GMs. Nobody thinks there is a conspiracy on this.