Why Hunter Cry

Do we have a link for this? (please note: I’m not questioning whether this is accurate or not, I’m asking for a link, because you’re stating something as being the case, and it’s common practice on the internet to link, indeed one might even point out that the WWW came about through tools facilitating linking text in documents).

My question has more to do with the reasoning behind the context. Why would anyone who enjoys playing a Beast Mastery hunter want to shift power away from their pet?


Thats why the “short fight” equation is about a minute instead of 30-45 seconds.

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https://www.wowhead.com/blue-tracker/topic/us/season-of-discovery-class-tuning-january-11-1762718 , heres the link, i mean shifting power because of hunter pets being stronger by themselves than a bunch of other entire classes in the game.

Here it is.

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Im fine with them shifting the power. And pets do have a counter currently due to the hunter having no real CC cleansing yet.

The problem is they didnt shift the power. They just took it away and thats why hunters are throwing a stink about it.

Edit: many hunters dont want to be bm. Its just the spec blizzard forced us into with the other nerfs before it was the bis spec.


Thanks. That’s wowhead, a third-party site, but it did have a link to the official post, so a link to the link:

As far as I can tell, that’s a hyperbolic meme. Are you suggesting that hunter pets by themselves have ever been actually stronger than any entire class? And what sorts of metrics are you using to determine “stronger?”

This is actually a relatively important bone to pick, since the discussion is around context of moving power, and it would be worthwhile to establish accuracy of information.

Yes that is what i’m suggesting, and not general hunter pets, wind serpents and cats specifically. A hunter being able to control his pet and easily 1v1, 1v2 other classes using SOLELY his pet is way overpowered. They needed to make the changes they did. This is without taking into consideration the skill of other classes, mages polying the pet or druids hibernating, etc. This is just general observation that hunter pets definitely were stronger than some whole classes pre-nerf.

They cannot easily 1v1 or 1v2 other classes.

They can can easily 1v1 under geared, lower level, bad players. Which should be the case.

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That’s how it is now, not pre-nerf. Ziqo was straight up nuking geared max level players using Eyes of the beast. What other classes could spam 200-300 dmg lightning breath? Seriously

Druids for 1.

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Many of those videos on this were memes.

It was a very well geared hubter fighting people that were not well geared in most cases.

You can tell by the damage done per percentage of hp the players lost to the pet.

Lb hitting for 180 and dealing about 1/4 of the targets hp tells us the person has around 600 hp. Which is not a lot. On top of that many of them didnt even try to CC the pet in most of those videos.

The one exception in those videos i saw was the ws vs the paladin. Which did a time skip of the fight, and from what i could tell, the player was staying out of the paladins melee and just lightning breathing yim for 60+ seconds. As the fight started with the paladin full hp and mana and the paladin was oom by the end.


Moonkin starsurge I agree yeah, whats a 2nd one?

none, because even pets can’t spam lightning breath, they can do 2 off the rip, then have to wait for regen.

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Meme or not, it happened to many other people as well. Running in Ashenvale and all of the sudden you’re half health from a wind serpent with no hunter in sight because he’s hiding somewhere completely safe. A couple seconds later after the pet regens now you’re completely dead. Some classes had no counter to this. Do you think this was fair?

Anti- hunters will start complaining that chimera shot is too powerful and needed to be nerfed in the next phase . Especially in pvp . MM hunters will be 1 hitting players . Blizzard will be swing that nerf bat all over again .
The crying never stops with these anti - hunters .

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Possibly. Context is relatively important though, as is establishing an actual reason. I mean, I could say that a warrior auto attacking should not be able to easily 1v1 another player, but it isn’t clear why that would be the case.

Anyway, I’m relatively aware of Windserpent, and previous Scorpid Overpoweredness to the point that I’m not trying to claim, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I am interested in establishing an actually articulated and detailed understandable reason why a hunter’s pet should not be able to 1v1 a poorly geared, unskilled player of a relatively decent class matchup, nevermind a poorly geared, unskilled player of a class that hunters naturally counter.

Oh. Well, I suppose we’d need to back up then, because “hunter pet strong = bad” isn’t an obvious nor understood argument, specifically for a hunter whose focus is on pet power, in my opinion. And I’ve read the (relatively absurd) claims of AI being too powerful.

I would say that while there may be some merit in the idea that pets were too powerful, and particularly that they were too powerful in PVP, I don’t think there’s been very good explanations as to what constitutes this power. I also would point out that I absolutely do not believe that any hunter pet comes close to the amount of overall power that any other class has, by quite a large margin. Though, if we isolated single metrics or data points, we would probably find some areas that pets beat out some classes, or at least particular class specializations such as a Wind Serpent having higher potential damage output than a holy paladin on single target fights.

Chimaera was heavily nerfed day 2 for unknown reason, it’s still a nerfed version of the original spell and BM is still ahead except maybe on speedruns with low TTK.

For a lot of players, that are dps, the amount of dps they do is really what matters. This last change made them do less dps overall(againX8) so whatever they gained doesn’t matter as much, since it was a net loss of dps.

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A warrior is an actual class and player, a wind serpent is a pet and addition to the main class (hunter) do you really think they should have the same strength?

You are comparing a warrior to a hunter’s pet. I’m comparing a warrior’s auto-attack to a hunter’s entire pet.

These are not the same comparisons.