Why Hunter Cry

Hunters been crying all week about the most recent nerf but they’ve been PUMPING with the new chimera shot and 50% reduction to mana cost, still topping meters in BFD doing close to 200 dps, what am I missing?

Getting hit with a nerf bat repeatedly is demoralizing.


Agreed, but this was a nerf to pets and buff to the hunter themselves, meaning they actually get to play the game more now instead of all pet, right?

They’re absolutely dominating 25 WSG as well. Big damage coming from hunters and melee can’t close the gap without dying 2-3 times and casters are simply too useless right now.

Really need phase 2 here.


Awful hypocritical to complain about hunters whining, when its all the whines of people that resulted in heavy nerfs to the class, especially when often many of those whining the most were equally as strong or had easy counters to deal with hunter pets.


“of people”. I’ve never complained about hunters how does it make me hypocritical lol

While losing to rogue and Warrior. 25 hunters were always going to be strong as the old method of giving pets AP from the hunter scales less. So the pet got more at the start when the gear was poor. They really perform well. They (Blizzard) did ZERO and I mean ZERO research on class/balance and anything. The have I bet 10 people on this. They all played Pallys and Warlocks on human. With maybe leveling a horde to make sure it still worked. Now they are just knee jerking everything. Zero clue . They should be make SOD to 60 and add the runes and raids in Phases.

Really? Who? Where?

I feel like there’s a lot of noise about hunters complaining, but not a lot of hunters complaining.


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Literally every other post on the forums. I was genuinely curious what the issue was , they seem to be doing very well

Weird. I haven’t noticed. Your post actually stands out, as it’s been a while since the last nerfs (2 resets!), and a very long time before that. There was one Male Human Paladin or Warrior, I can’t remember who complained about hunter nerfs, but I can’t recall really any others.

And it seems like there’s 5 or 10 posts like yours complaining about hunters complaining to every 1 post about someone actually complaining about hunters being nerfed. That’s ridiculous imo!

Like, what are you doing in your day to day that you are seeing all these hunters complaining? I play a hunter, and typically have at least 3 in each of my raid groups, and don’t hear any hunters complaining.


What makes you think i’m complaining…? I asked a question what am I missing lol the crying doesn’t bother me

Insert link of Drake meme reposted @ you for the fifth time

Your post literally has, “Why Hunter Cry” as its title. What do you think your intention is with that sort of title?


That right there is what’s known as a question, that stemmed from an observation of forum posts, you seem a little salty Mr. Hunter

Interesting! Maybe I should visit the forums more often.

Lol :slight_smile:

I wonder if maybe I’m just not noticing hunters complaining and for some reason noticing a lot of people posting about hunters complaining. Perhaps that’s the case! It sure seems to me like most of the posts about hunters are people complaining about hunters complaining though, rather than hunters actually complaining, and I find that curious.

As mentioned, I suppose it’s possible that I have just overlooked the posts that are hunters actually complaining, and am focused on seeing those that are posts about hunters complaining instead.


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Maybe you just have a short memory?

I currently see 8 posts on the “latest” forums posts that are hunters upset about the nerfs, without much reasoning. I was curious if they were just upset they can no longer use eyes of the beast and 2 shot other players while in a safe spot down the road. Marksman seems to be doing even more dmg compared to pre-nerf BM. I could be wrong though

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Nobody logged last night, which was unfortunate as we had 3 fairly different hunters in our raid: melee, MM, and BM.

I feel like there is a fair variety of potential play styles, talent point allocations and rune setups for hunters that work right now.

Of course when everyone’s looking at a small number of people experimenting, and just copying talents and runes based on top log parses, there’s less creativity.

In the current content, whether we are doing 150 or 200dps though, we are blasting through the content that we are all obviously overpowered for and probably would be even at 75 dps…


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How many hunters in the top 1000 parses?(26, there’s 26 lol) And how many of all the parses above them are from dps only classes?

The changes are a rough 12%-13% nerf. From a class that was not even near the top of the parses.

12-13% nerf for BM/ pet, what about marksman? buff right?