Why Hasn't Lower Kara Been Nerfed?

There are utilities that can remove the bleed and timing lust for the last burn phase is important. I bet a lot of groups are popping it at the start. Complete waste. Knowing when to pop defensives and utilities is a part of running higher and higher keys.

Lol you could have easily seen that I do play this game.

What you’re suggesting is a strategy to try and help cope with the damage. But there are no mechanics that you can follow to prevent the damage. And what most people and myself included are saying is that the damage is broken asf. Moroes is just an example. The entire instance feels this way. Not following mechanics just makes it worse… obviously…

The bleed is not one of those pass/fail mechanics that we were talking about right before. It’s off topic. There is counter play.

I said the “scaling issues” are avoidable. The bleed is not a scaling issue.

You don’t see anything wrong with making mechanics that will be horrible in pug groups because you wont have the guarantee that everyone in your party will do it correctly is fine?

You don’t get how this is one of the reasons raiding as a whole has been dropping and people have been dropping shadowlands?

I think this teaches them what mechanics are do or die early on and forms good habits. The problem in surviving failed mechanics is that they will continue to fail them until they can’t. I have heard and seen many people think they were doing the mechanic correctly when they were not at all. These were not low keys either. People didn’t know Manastorm mechanics in a +20 because they always got by until they couldn’t.

No, and you don’t have proof that it is either.

Manastorms you can get away with since you only needed 2 people to stand in the way of the beam and only 1 person to do the bombs. I do not know the +20 issue but this is not comparable to now where someone doing one thing wrong on any difficulty can wipe the whole group with no way for anyone else to do the mechanic for them.

Besides the graphs that showed less and less guilds completing Sylvanas and Sepulchur compared to previous expansions raid participation for both general boss and final bosses? Or the dozens of youtube videos made by raiders and other people that go into detail about this?

I think pass/fail mechanics are fine. What I’m not fine with is trying to strategize having to outheal something that simply wasn’t tuned properly. It’s just silly. Mobs and bosses alike seem way too powerful in this instance and it’s not due to mechanics. Moroes was an example because the bleed is insane. Why is it insane? Because the damage on it wasn’t scaled properly.

It will, be patient. I think there’s a bunch of other things that need to be tuned too. Iron docks 3rd boss feeding frenzy feels like it hits too hard. On a 287 ilvl shaman I had someone die to it while I was spamming healing surge on a 23. Yeah, I can link one…but it comes every ~45 seconds or so. I just feel like at that key level and my gear there shouldn’t be any unavoidable single target ability that kills someone through a healing surge spam. Even SD torvald’s castigate or ToP’s kulth debuff didn’t hit this hard I feel like.

Just want to point out a blue post went out that cut the moroes buff damage in half, reduced flamewraith damage by 30%, removed several abilities from some trash backs, cut the damage of other bosses in grimrail by 30% or so.

So anyone just saying “get good” turns out blizzard agrees it was a problem.


If the one with the purple circle doesn’t stun Mrs. Manastorm and chickens rain down. Seems you don’t even know the mechanics. We are done here.

I will disagree with you abit here. I think there are part mechanics issue definitely. But I also do feel some are also tuning issue.

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here you go some nerfs.

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Never had that happen as The fight never goes on that long.

Also See:

We are done here. You were trying to spout your elitistism of “know the mechanics” and it turns out what you were saying was wrong.

It’s fine guys. Just know the mechanics and it’ll all be okay! Things hit hard strictly because of mechanics and not because of improper tuning! Doesn’t that make a lot of sense!?

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I mean again, this just shows you don’t know what you are talking about and that you don’t run keys high enough to actually see all the mechanics.

Thank goodness! There is light at the end of the tunnel!

More like you didn’t know what you were talking about when claiming people should “just know the mechanics”. We are arguing about the fact that these are wipe mechanics of high damage on low key like +2. If this was a problem only for key 20+ no one would of mentioned it

Your 15+s are not high key and neither is the 20+ when people were in the 30s+.

You just wanted to try and flex about how people needed to learn to get better instead of just admitting it was a problem. Blizzard has just now admitted it was a problem, so why are you even still here?


Yeah I don’t know what I’m talking about when I am someone who can back up what I am saying.

+20s were top 2% last season. If that is not “high keys” then you are delusional.

No, you argued that there are no mechanics in Manastorm that wipes the group if 1 person messes up. I disproved that easily.

The fact that I can heal 17’s pretty easily but struggle with 12 lower should say a lot. I know the mechanics well enough.

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Again, the argument was that it’s only bad if you fail the mechanic.