Why hasn't layering been turned back on yet?

Once again you have failed to take accountability for your actions. You rolled on a server. A server that was warned since DAY ONE that there would be ques. And asked you guys to reroll elsewhere a week before the server went online. You ignored those facts. And now are calling me and my entire server “bad”.

Children these day, so entertaining!

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All the servers they opened for us to re-roll on also had queue issues. They had to do like 3-4 extra rounds of adding new realms before it got any better.

So you finally admit there were resolutions. Resolutions you refused to take advantage of. Resolutions that would have resolved your current problems. Yet you refused to take them.

You’re right, you’re a victim. A victim to your own stupidity and stubbornness.

Yeah, nah. Can you provide any source on this?

Please look on page 1.

This troglodyte is referring to this:

Never actually says they will turn it on. It says they are thinking about it. But need / want community feedback before pulling the trigger.

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Oh, the thread that doesn’t ever indicate anything along the lines of your claim.


You play on a weird story-time realm. No one will ever take you seriously as a human being.

They mentioned they were considering turning layering back on and were asking for feedback. Literally no idea what you’re confused about. Please work on your reading comprehension.

The irony is palpable at this point.

You do realize we’re all playing a fantasy online game right now, right?

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I think he is a belf pally irl, but I could be mistaken.

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You made a misclaim, and provided a source that doesn’t ever state they are turning it on. Then state:

I must say,



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oh my goodness, Contention. You da real MVP.

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So you’re the type of person that needs every single granular detail perfectly explained or else you’re like a lost puppy? I don’t know what’s happening in your head that made my description so confusing for you.

Nope, just the type that was curious if Blizzard made an actual claim and doesn’t make assumptions; as expected, Blizzard did not.

Relative degrees of granularity also facilitate understanding when key context is withheld from a statement as well. Your initial claim eluded they had a post mentioning they would be turning it on. Being that updates are dispersed between the forums and Twitter, it was entirely within reason that there was a separate post actually stating this as opposed to an open discussion topic with nearly 2000 posts and no consensus.

They may or may not reactivate layers, they have not made any official statement on that.

Depending on the server you’re on, you could always discuss the option of transferring with your guild if unable to play around queues. With students being out of class for the next four to five months, and the rate of wfh increasing in the workforce, it is possible queues will not be going anywhere anytime in the near future.

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It’s only a matter of time. Hopefully within the next week

q has been unbearable for multiple weeks zg means nothing

I didn’t read any of this. Waste of time. :yawning_face: :yawning_face: :yawning_face: Please stay on topic or leave.

Lol, what a childish response. What’s interesting is that it is on topic, simply not the answer you want.

Refute or flounder.

Dude, you should hide your profile if you’re going to make statements like that.

No 1,550 arena achievement and a high RBG rank of Private? ROFL.

Tell me more how you’re a top player.

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So what, more players online can kill more dragons.