Why fomo achiev with secrest?

i think we can all agree that the only FAIR thing is for blizzard to award the “i was here and participated” FoS to every single account (active and inactive) even if they weren’t there and didn’t participate

This event doesn’t make much sense with how it was “planned” and implemented. But hey, I still won’t be there for the achievement. Oh well.

Oh I know. I just enjoy being part of these events and not having to go back later. I was disappointed we didn’t get some sort of forethought or schedule or something beforehand so that I could try to be there.

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I got the notification from WoWhead’s twitter feed about it yesterday. And they’ve sent a tweet every 4 hours since notifying that the next one is coming. Was plenty of time for me to hop on and participate.

Literally say quite often around here that I’m wrong. Always apologize when I am, too.

No one attacked you. Pointing out how you’ve been recently and how it’s concerning given the fact that I know you’re a really nice and good person is not attacking you.

I’m not angry. Never was. Disappointed you chose to go full outrage and block me instead of working through things. Like you’re doing again. But never angry. There’s nothing to be angry about.

Then why waste the time on me?

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And isn’t for others. That’s just how life goes.

you weren’t able to find any time to get on since i shared the schedule? sorry to hear that

Nope. Yesterday was family and neighbor time with fire pit in the woods and today I’m at appointments all day at the hospital.

It is what it is. I was never angry about it. Just disappointed at the last minute scheduling.

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Took 90 minutes on my realm this morning. Being a work/school day there wasn’t many available to help.

thats bad, so some realms ppl need ot be on for over an hour in same spot to get it too, wow

Plenty of reasons you can be aware, but not able to participate, starting with the 4h downtime between each forge event.

As an EU player, here’s my timeline:

  • 7 pm, first event
  • ca. 10pm, Wowhead posts about it, meanwhile I am spamming TW dungeons to level an alt
  • 11pm, second event. I should’ve been in bed by then
  • ca. midnight, after staying up too long to equip BoA catchup gear and do the Dreamsurge event, I make the mistake of checking Wowhead before heading to bed
  • 3am, third event, I am sleeping, having decided it’s not worth it to reduce my sleep time below 5 hours or set an alarm
  • 7am, fourth event, I’m already on the commute to work
  • 11am, I am at work
  • 3pm, I am at work

So, 7pm and 11pm would’ve been good times for me, but of course I didn’t know about the event then!

Edit: and seeing mentions above that the event could take up to 90 minutes at off-hours makes me glad I didn’t get up at 3am, or stayed for the 7am one, which already would’ve made me almost 2 hours late due to worse connecting buses if it had taken 20 minutes, any longer and we’re taking 3-4 hours.

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I’m not sure why you’re so hostile towards dissenting opinions. There was plenty of time since this was posted to ensure that players that do care about a fos achievement can get it. Most of the players who do are more likely than not caught up because they stayed on top of it. Are there going to be players that aren’t able to get it, probably. Is it always possible to accommodate players? No, not always.

They told us originally that the event would be between 8/31 to 9/13, but that players would still be able to solve it after. Kind of like the warlock green fire quest. It’s still available, but the feat of strength for it is not. This is almost the same thing, except far easier.

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it respawned, so either wowhead very wrong or blizz hotfix it, either way good

Got home, logged on, saw a group still doing the event from 3am CEST (4h ago now) and once we got to like 30 people 5min before 7, we completed it with <3min left.

Got the achievement.

STILL, this was sheer luck, this was way too little time for many people.
But maybe Blizz listened, the event has now reset on the full hour.

edit: Ah, the tooltip says:

Empowerments remaining until forge is stable: 19

so it was most definitely extended.

yes this i hope, maybe until end of secret event for now hopeful


good! they should just make it happen every 15 minutes with no end date. and it should scale for the number of people participating, so if i come back in 2028 and want to do it it doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes.


see my edit above! :slight_smile:

I personally don’t get FOMO for a FoS … cuz IDGAF … but I can see how some folks may feel the need to get it.

oh thats new! that wasnt there before, so yes blizz hotfixed it

for ppl who ask why we ‘complain’ on forums, this is why, to get attention to problem and fix it

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Use this CBT technique: what’s the worst case scenario if you don’t get that achievement? Someone you don’t know or care about inspects your profile and doesn’t notice?

Maybe FOMO isn’t something you have to live with every time it comes up? Challenge it. Just an idea.


Blunt is not hostile. I never once insulted you nor attacked you. I gave yoy information and pointed out that once again, someone cannot see anything but their own side.

For you, it’s great if you could find the time to be there and do it. Others could, as well. But some of us couldn’t. Being disappointed in that isn’t the end of the world. It’s simply being disappointed and wishing people could understand the other view.

And I just explained multiple times how I did care and wasn’t able to plan that quickly due to prior engagements and appointments. That’s life. It happens.

You do realize that the Secrets of Azeroth is not the same as Mimiron’s Jumpjets, where we JUST learned this existed with minimal details four days ago, right? And only yesterday found out how the forge works, yes?

This isn’t about the main Secrets of Azeroth event.

There is none. It’s simply personal enjoyment to go back and reminisce later. That’s it. That’s all.