Why fomo achiev with secrest?

so i can only get today tomrrow? why? why make fomo achiev for good event?

edit - looks like blizz hotfixed to last longer, 19 more events now in game map says, so 76 hours to go


It does suck, on the flip side it seems like you dont need to do any step except participate in this event.

Gotta keep players online somehow. What’s better than random FoS achieves to otherwise boring content?


Why does it matter though? It’s worth 0 points, it gives you nothing, and no other player cares enough to look at your achievements.


yeah cool just becuz u dont care about something doesnt mean noone else does


I’m being serious though. It gives 0 points. It has no reward associated and does not help with any meta. We are way past the days when random people checked out each others accounts.

Why does it matter? What value does it detract from if you are missing it?

Fear of missing out - missing out on what? A sentence of text?


its a collectible, but only here for 2 days, if u dont get that then whatever, other collector care, just becuz u dont care doesnt mean nobody else does


So, do the content now?


As I said in another thread, some people enjoy having these achievements for being able to participate in such things. It’s a FoS. Those are always fun to have. But weekends are for family for some and so they miss out on something they were interested in doing.

It’s not the end of the world, but it’s not a good design strategy, imo.

Can’t. Family time. :slight_smile:


Once the Empowered Forge is permanently active, you can craft the mount by following the previous steps of the secret at any time, but the Feat of Strength will no longer be obtainable by then. Much like the rest of the secrets of azeroth event, the rewards are not limited time. Reading is hard.

Hello, I see you replied to the thread. Haha, the irony of this statement! You do realize they are talking about the achievement, right?! You even said it in your post, haha!

Thanks for your post and have a great day!


good news, there’s another one tomorrow morning at 9am EST :slight_smile:

This feels like it’s deliberately designed to exclude EU/CEST players:

11pm - already over with no real warning ahead of time
3am - sleep
7am - on the way to work
11am - at work
3pm - at work

aaand that’s it.

Either state ahead of time that X has to be done by time Y, or don’t implement random rewards, however miniscule, for doing stuff the second it becomes available.


Generally good idea for anything really. There’s already too much FOMO in MMOs to begin with, and encouraging everyone to stampede the servers at the same time is a bad idea even absent that …


And the ones that do care are out there doing it vs complaining on the forums. So what’s your point?

  1. i got it, 2) ur ignoring all the points made by others, but what else to xpect on a sunday

I thought once it was built it was built?

I care. I can’t be on. It’s family time. :dracthyr_shrug:

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This event is available today and tomorrow. There are 6 empowerment events for the forge. Once the last one is finished tomorrow, the forge will be built and the event will end.

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It’s a feat that doesn’t do anything. :dracthyr_comfy_sip:

it refreshes every time the event ‘restarts’ based on the schedule.