Why don't we get one?

Like a 3rd spec? I’m just sayin… they’re kinda rubbing it in our faces now.
Maybe a caster dps?


Why do we need a third spec?


fix both specs first like they did with evoker then we can focus on spec 3

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They can’t even give us two good specs why do you want a third? The only reason Vengeance has any relevance right now is borrowed power from our tier set… as it tradition.


Why do dps classes need three specs if that’s your rational. They should just be optimal.
Also, because everyone else does…

keep in mind, that augvoker was released when both pre and de voker were perfected in a design sense. also keep in mind that augvoker sh!ts on both pre and devoker to the point of irrelevancy

What does having a third spec add to DH though? What fantasy that is already present in the lore yet unfulfilled in gameplay does it express? You could make an argument for a spell-oriented DH as Illidan himself casted many ranged spells in BT, but that would basically just be warlock. A non-caster ranged spec would be reduced to throw-glaive style, which is already decently represented in Havoc and there is no lore basis for a bow/crossbow DH. There’s not really an unexpressed Demon Hunter fantasy that it could represent that does not already exist in another spec/class. Personal desires aside, it not only is unhealthy to add another spec to a class that is already struggling, it just makes no sense.

The only real argument I could see is a polearm wielding spec, possibly a healer/support, based on Allari the Souleater, though that is neither necessary nor likely as she has had little relevance since legion and even then was barely relevant to my knowledge.

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caster or ranged doesn’t fit with a demon hunter. they are known as combat specialists with the fel energies they ingest augmenting their combat skills. they use chaos magic but they don’t really have a library of ranged spells. even illidan in his demon form just spammed bolts essentially with periodic raid damage and some pet summons. but you can’t really go that route as it is basically the same as demonology.

I do like the idea of adding a support tree as a 3rd spec, but as a debuffer rather than a buffer. Something like adding damage vulnerabilities to a target, reduced attack speed, reduced casting speed, stuns and silences, perhaps group leech on debuffed targets or possibly mind control. this would give it flavor instead of just another aug evoker, and it would be beneficial to an entire group rather than just the few players that aug can target with buffs.

That being said, i would rather they get the existing specs dialed in before spending any time on a 3rd spec.

Illidian sacrificed his sight for power as do all demon hunter in lore. They could buff allies and debuff or minor negative as well. They could debuff enemies as well. If the buff was big enough the minor negative wouldn’t feel to bad. (Big main stat, lose some secondary) blizz already has embellishments that debuff/hurt you for a big damage buff. There probably isn’t enough there to split havoc into two different dps specs with the current talents. Blizz needs more support and will eventually add more so who better to receive one other then the only class with two specs.

Once again… Title.
And I’m not accepting muh lore reasons especially now. How about things like fell barrage, spirit bomb or death from above. Precedent exists.
Moves like infernal strike and rush could send a companion instead, glaive causes fracture, spirit bomb, mutiple charges of sigil
Augment fraility and dark pact for utility


People are giving you reasons why we are not getting one, not sure why you’re trying to redirect them to the title when they’re directly responding to it.

All of those spells work because demon hunters are fighters who use magic. They’re the WoW equivalent of hexblade from 5e. A Demon Hunter who uses solely magic would end up being a minorly reskinned warlock. It needs to actually play differently enough to justify it, which it does not. It also needs relevancy to be added and not just added out of the blue. There’s no real reason to add another DH spec at this point in the game.

Moves like infernal strike and rush could send a companion instead, glaive causes fracture, spirit bomb, mutiple charges of sigil
Augment fraility and dark pact for utility

I don’t really understand the what nor the why to what you’re trying to suggest here.

Literally every other class has 3. I don’t know why that’s so hard to understand. Are you a bot that finds bait title and context confusing?

Most classes have three because a) they help fully express the palette of their class fantasy and b) they were converted from the old style talent trees from classic into individual specs. Evoker had a spec “added” that has been planned the entire time but was held back due to story, likely with some developmental delays playing a factor. You keep trying to gotcha by redirecting to the title or saying every class has 3 specs but fail to refute anything that has been said or even answer the question at hand: why do we need a third spec? If you cannot even answer that simple question without bandwagon fallacies then clearly the answer is that we do not.

I don’t know why you would even need justification when not most, but ALL, other classes have three specs.
There’s room for something with survivability and utility that also has some of the flavor that’s been scrubbed out. If it was called Shadow Hunter could you cope?
Along your rational we should remove specs from classes like arms warrior or disc priest

A melee pet spec. Basically a melee demonology warlock. Yes, we’ve come full circle (IYKYK). But instead of having assigned demon pets like a warlock, we can actually tame / dominate them like demon hunters. The spec could be melee or ranged and focus on throwing glaives and occasionally sacrificing the pet to empower yourself.

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How is all other classes having 3 specs justification and reason to add a third spec to DH?
Furthermore, arms and disc both fill a niche and represent a fantasy. Quite literally the opposite of my rationale. Arms is the more strategic swordsman counterpart to Fury’s reckless barbaric fighter. Disc is, in both gameplay and fantasy, distinct from Holy as it not only includes a mixture of the shadow and the light, but heals off doing damage.

Like I’ve already said, while there can be some argument for a polearm/staff spec based on Allari or a caster DPS, it doesn’t entirely make sense to add it nor does it particularly express something that the game currently does not in other classes. I’d even go as far as saying I’d like a DH support spec, but I do not really see it being added unless somehow the next xpac provides the justification for it, nor do I think its particularly healthy for the class that is already struggling in utility to add a third spec.

Your “justification” argument is flawed and outright wrong. If you follow your own logic, then you’re going to have to justify every single spec’s reason for existence. Its better to just accept that specs exist because they do; designed the way they are.

No justification is required to add another spec to the game. They simply will if they feel like doing so.

Except literally every other spec has justification and plays into an area of class fantasy and/or gameplay elements that the others do not. I’m not really sure what’s hard to grasp about that.

Blood DK - Vampirism/San’layn
Frost DK - the forst powers of the LK
Unholy - the scourge
Havoc - The glaivemaster/Illidan rper spec
Vengeance - Demonic juggernaut
Balance - Elune worshipper/astral caster
Feral - cat shapeshifter
Guardian - bear shapeshifter
Restoration - Restoring nature/natural caster
Augmentation - Bronze and Black magics to buff allies
Devastation - Red and Blue magics to destroy enemies
Preservation - Bronze and Green magics to heal allies

I could go on if you’d like.

Without justification to add the spec, both in and out of game, an existing class fantasy for it to represent, the existing specs being both balanced, well designed and having unique utility, there’s no real reason to add a third spec. Bandwagon fallacies aka “everyone else has one so we should have one!” is not an argument as to why we should have one.

Meanwhile ptr rolls out vengeance brewmaster so it can compete in m+

  • also here… Devastator: barrages and weaken enemies with fel energies while bolstering allies with dark pacts

Basically demonic moonkin that can share healthpool while self healing in normal dh fashion

Do this for every spec actually.

Very little unique utility exists in this game compared to the sum total.

If you want to go down this rabbit hole, what’s the point of even having demon hunters to begin with? People were already able to wield warglaives before demon hunters were introduced. Warlocks could already transform into demons.

What was the justification for turning survival hunter into a melee spec? What was the justification for leaving it as a ranged dps spec up until it wasn’t?

What’s the justification for druids having 3 specs until they didn’t?

What’s the justification for augmentation existing? They could have just added the other colors of magic to the other specs.

The point I am making is that Blizzard can literally make up a “justification” for a third demo hunter spec and that’s that. Because they can make it up on a whim, I wouldn’t really use the term “justification”. I don’t think Blizzard/WoW devs are sitting in a room thinking to themselves “what’s the justification for creating X class or X spec”. For balancing there definitely is justification and thats backed with hard data. As for creating an entirely new spec/class out of thin air, I think they can do that for whatever reason they feel. No need to gatekeep behind some “justification”.