Why does nobody on Blizzard post anything

Wouldn’t be cool to just show up in game as a GM and get like 100 people saying “ooo” “ahhh”

Or post on here when you’re on your lunch break and get like 50 people to reply to you

Why do none of them do that :confused:


AI does not care


I normally avoid people who hate my guts as well so I kinda understand.


Should be clear to everyone that ActiBlizz has no interest in supporting WoW Classic. They will do the very minimum.


Because these forums are nothing but people crying about literally everything that don’t warrant a response from Blizzard.


i would suspect it is because any word that doesnt please everyone is a word that doesn’t help them. since you rabbid mo…estemeed coleagues wanted no changes, there’s nothing to talk about.

Why should they care about retaining players on a museum piece?

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Maybe it’s just me, but I think they’ve been very transparent about that.


Always going on with lies

As for GMs, there arent anywhere near as many as there used to be. And even then GMs typically spoke when contacted and only appeared even less. There was simply no need. They are supposed to be the judges and support team of the world, not something for the peanut gallery to gawk at.

As far as the forums go, the less interaction the better. Interaction breed partiality and folks in positions of power need to remain as impartial as possible.

There were periods in the games history when blue posts were much more frequent and it never seemed to end very well. Its human nature to pick favorites.


The community manager told a limerick not more than two weeks ago.


Because of Ghostcrawler.

Google Ghostcrawler wow forum drama if you don’t know what went down.

Stonecore 2/4…I remember.

He told some players to learn to play, and a detail guide on how to do some mechanics.

you know what the mechanics were?

an alternating frontal cone and 360-aoe. both with long casts. both fatal. it was too much for the pugs to handle.

And the Blizzard Security Team swooped in and we never heard from him again.


I found that as the first article I read and I just wanted to comment there’s something about the way it’s written…

Plus the author literally prophesied the future lol (it’s from 2009)

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That’s a rather biased analysis of what happened :stuck_out_tongue:

OK I’m gonna find another then hehe

It’s not wrong in terms of blaming the players at the time but…

Ghostcrawler DID go off the rails pretty hard then and said some… unfortunate things :stuck_out_tongue:

The same reason you get up every morning and sit on the bus thinking “is this really worth it”…

Him in a nutshell.

Mr Arena R,M,P forever.