Why do you want void elf paladins

I’ve always been a fan of draenei.

It doesn’t literally burn them. They are in pain, but they aren’t destroyed.

There are now light undead. See Calia Menithil
But Death and Light are not opposed unlike Light and Void

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Yes because they use it, unlike paladins who take the light into themselves, that isn’t just “they are in pain”, they would burn and die.

Where do you think pain comes from?

Something that hurts you sweetheart.

And when those are playable, forsaken can definitely be paladins, because that’s a different form of resurrection.

Till then they are still good old fashioned, necromantic undead.

Light forged Draenei Death Knights.

Belf Druids before void elf anything else.


Give me Mechagnome Mechadruids first!

WoW is kind of an antiquated MMO, in case you have been somewhere. That is the entire point of it. It is supposed to keep the races unique and hold to an identity. If people would just stop begging for things.

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People don’t care about the lore and just wanna play the class on the race they like. It’s sad, but I can’t stop it.

Nope, but Blizzard can!

Tauren DemonHunter…lets see those hooves fly!

The opposite is also true, lots of people enjoy the lore and want to see some boundaries so it doesn’t get stepped all over, like myself. Why should they get everything they want at other players expense?


It really does seem like people are trying to erode away Void Elves until they are High Elves.


I just want an elf Paladin for the alliance, and to me… Night elf paladins make a whole lot more sense… especially in wake of the night warrior.


If they’re gonna do more class race combos all I ask is for it to make sense and not be incredibly silly.

Human Hunters? Half their kingdoms are in dense forest, and they gotta get their food from somewhere. Makes sense.

Tauren Paladins? They forgot they worshiped the sun. Now they worship the sun. Thus, Paladin. Kinda silly.


Kind of the exact opposite of a Paladin who is a warrior of the LIGHT but okay. Sunwalkers were already a stretch. Blizzard needs to stop shoe-horning classes to new races because they “kinda have something sort of similar.” A Paladin is a Paladin, not a Night Warrior. Not a Sunwalker, not a whatever magic knight.

If Blizzard tried to do that, they may as well restructure the whole class system to be racial so that you have Night Elf Paladins, but they are actually called Night Warriors or whatever, and have custom appearances for spells, and names for those spells so it makes lore sense.

I am a Blood Elf Paladin from an order of Blood Elf Paladins, which makes a lot of lore sense. I get a spell called Blinding Light. Let the “Moon Warrior” version of that be called “Lunar Flash” or something and be silver but do the same thing. And have race appropriate textures for tier sets / class gear themes. I’d be cool with that.

I don’t want to see all the race identity become pointless because everyone wants to play as everything on any race.

  1. people like options
  2. people like elves, most played race.

Pretty much it. Also, I personally want them because I want classes to be given unique stuff per race like druids and class like fel flames for warlocks. Essentially what it is to me. Same with I’d want a more fiery version for sunwalkers. It’s a pretty big stretch that they even got them, seems more for just a joke and tried to tie them in so they could make the “retbull and holy cow” joke, if they can get added into the game as they are, why not a void version I guess. Zandalari are kind’ve weird to me as well and sort’ve a stretch but not as much of one.

If they don’t get them, oh well. Would still be cool though. I’m personally more wanting night elves as them.Paladins are one of the most played classes after all. So it’s obvious people would want them in a different flavor.

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I want a Voidy Dark Pally Knight with extra Voidy goodness! :yum:

Cause you know…blueberry makes everything better!

The void of title doesn’t make any sense lore wise. You can see a high elf walk through the portal from stormwynd. High elf says Hey I wanna join the void else. Does that make him not a high elf any more. The void elves are literally high elves from stormwynd. But as far as why I want them to be paladins. I think the human animations don’t look as good as the elf animations. And if you don’t like the way your character looks you’re less likely to play the game long term. And I’m not going to join the horde because we all know the world is made up of a bunch of criminals.

It was more of a “they kept to themselves” kind of deal. I like the idea of Tauren Sunwalkers, they fit the race theme well. But Sunwalkers. Are not. Paladins.

Paladin implies a structured order or knighthood, proficient in heavy armor, supportive magic, traditional melee warfare, worship / mastery of the Light, and righteous vengeance. None of those things fit Tauren.

Maybe heavy armor, but they have a tendency to run into battle shirtless.

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