Why do you post on an alt?

I’ve posted on several different characters during my WoW life.

I’ve never had anyone send me hate mail or whispered to me in game.

I’ve never had anyone ask, hey are you that person from the forums, either.

When at home or on breaks at work, or just simply bored at work I spend my time reading the forums. I recognize lots of names. But never tracked them down in game.

I was part of a large guild for a long time. While on break from WoW I was removed because of inactivity. Understandable. It was during this time I realized I had been watching a (now former) guild mate on twitch and on podcasts. No wonder every one was excited to see him come online in game. I never said hi to him :joy:

I think it’s the one that the forums picked for me by default and I’ve just been too lazy to switch it back.

You’re still level 100! You’re like 8 years and four expacs ahead!

But how are you going to make it clear that you are a female? Just because you say you are doesn’t mean you are. The only way really, is post a picture of yourself with your characters name, and even pictures can be manipulated. IMO, you shouldn’t be sharing personal details with strangers, and especially should not be using personal details to try to bolster an argument.

As far as I’m concerned, you are a level 10 Vulpera warrior, attached to some kind of human that I don’t know, and that’s good enough for me.

Am girl, please give me gold. I don’t care if simps wanna spend hard earn Azer-monies for mi. :upside_down_face:

it’s my main on american servers

This character is what defaulted when I first logged on to the new forums. So I went with it.

It’s all fun and games until they whisper and ask if you’re naked.

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Lies. All lies. You are more likely a 75 year old Male creeper living in Zimbabwe.


Suspiciously specific.


I think it wise to take what anyone says about themselves on the internet with a 1/8 grain of salt.


I post on my main, but my main has switched in recent months. This gal is my main now, so I’ll post on her. I don’t care if people attack me or my stats, because I know I’m not in it for end-game stuff. I do what I enjoy and if someone has an issue with that, they can start paying for my sub :upside_down_face:


Definitely, people role-play on the internet even when not playing a game.

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I just like this character’s name, it nets me some interesting and funny responses sometimes. Not once have I been harassed online though, could just be my luck. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is my main. Bring it chumps! 1v1 me outside of Gnomergan!


Cause I feel like it sometimes, makes me feel like I have a little freedom, but also because I ship Sylvanas x Anduin and don’t want certain people to give me grief about it on my main. :pensive:

That’s okay as long as I’m a girl right?
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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If they have to go digging into your profile to discredit what you’re saying then you’ve won the argument in my book.


Ha! You uncovered the flaw in my comment! I will correct it immediately!

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This is my main, but never really cared that people post on alts. Though I will say there are some people who post here that use their alts to be toxic here so I can see why people don’t like it.

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