Why do you post on an alt?

People often attack me for posting on an alt. The specific reason I do it is because I often talk generically about my guildies and guild experience when discussing the game and I want to respect their privacy.


Its annoying when you log in and neck beards and betas spam your whisper box. Just easier this way.


I’ve been asked that before. This isn’t my alt, it’s my main. I just have higher level alts.


ive never had someone spam me in game for posting on the forums. idk what you guys get yourselves into


I’ll be honest, it’s never occurred to me that I should care about this. You’re all just faceless voices that may or may not be attached to actual humans and I’m never going to meet any of you. I’m not sure it even makes sense to care about which avatar someone is posting on.


Only when it’s relevant (asking on other clases forums, messing around threads , etc)

  • does main/alts even mean anything anymore ? People can reroll by snapping their fingers !!

I’m guessing it might be a bigger problem for female players than males? (when the spammer thinks they are spamming a female)

I usually post on my main, but the problem is I race change alot so my posts always reset which is super annoying…

Because its funny.

i guess, but unless you had a super feminine name or made it clear you were female then idk how people would know.

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It was more “important” to people once the armory came out. Stalkers loved to look for, and if they could not find anything “invent” something to harass someone about rather than answer their questions.

When people talk WoW in places like Reddit or MMO Champion, you don’t have that scapegoat.


I dunno

I don’t understand why anyone cares. If you can’t debate a topic without falling back on someone’s armory,you already lost.


People make assumptions. I’ve been hit on when playing female toons. I just had to explain I was male. I’ve never been hit on as a male toon.

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This used to my main. But I play more on MG now since over time…that has all the gold because played the most.

Been thinking about moving her to MG so she is run more to add to the server gold pot. But…I kind of made another char with this name too. So that would be name games.

I occasionally post on an alt in the rate my xmog threads. ( Followed usually by unintentionally posting something on that alt that I meant to post on my main)

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because Ion likes to troll us.

This is my main. LFG super hero. World Quest Slayer and normal raid bench warmer

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I actually stopped having true “mains” because Blizzard would change up the classes so often. I originally had one character I always played who had a backstory and I treated it sort of like RP. But they changed it so that I couldn’t play it as well, and I ended up having to switch classes so many times that I no longer really play that way. I now have a “raid main” Which I’ve had for several expansions now. The only purpose of that main is to max-gear everything for raid.

I really only post on this character because I started posting with this character when I first used these forums, and I’m too lazy to switch to any character I actually put effort into playing.

I switch around too often to have a main, but if I did I don’t need you nerds knowing which character it is.