Why do transmog restrictions still exist?

If anyone at Blizzard is looking for some quality of life changes that might actually make people enjoy the game more, please consider the following.

Farming transmog is not fun and exciting gameplay, so why does it have to be tedious at best and infuriating at worst?

Why can’t we acquire transmog gear for armor types we don’t use? Why can’t I transmog armor from other types onto my own?

Does it make more sense that I can be a naked warrior wielding a shovel and still retain all my stats and damage reduction thanks to my invisible plate armor, or that I be a warrior wearing leather armor in addition to wielding a shovel and still retain all my stats and damage reduction thanks to my invisible plate armor?

When there are a handful of items in the game that already ignore regular armor/transmog conventions, as well as plenty of toys and consumables that alter our character’s appearance, why can’t we just transmog whatever we want at this point?

I think most would agree that the idea of farming the same raids and dungeons countless times only to have one of a few items that they might actually be interested in, only to be on a character that can’t learn the appearance, could be accurately described as “not a fun experience”

TLDR: let me wear what I want and don’t make me farm dungeons 10x over for transmog pls ty


It’s so that mages don’t look like warriors, it breaks class fantasy and stupid. However I think they should lift some restrictions on transmog. Like if your farming as a plate wearer any cloth, leather, ect… You learn that transmog. But the leather or other armor you get can only be worn by your alts of that armor class. And please blizz by all that is unholy, make the Tusks of Mannoroth drop chance alot higher. I’ve ran siege of org around 1300x over 4 toons with bonus rolls on Heroic and mythic difficulty. And no shoulders! I must be a masochist for running it this much for years :confused:


Transmog restrictions exist because blizzard doesn’t know where to steal ideas from. Maybe y’all need to point blizzard towards swtor. I blame all of you who have been playing wow for 15+ years.

But Warriors can look like Mages so…?


Let holiday mogs be all year around please!



Not really, very few mogs look like something a mage would wear.

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I’m guessing you haven’t seen alliance mages wearing Stormwind Guard plate armor set.


I have, however that’s very few and far between. Very rare, and it’s only 1 mog. I don’t want other armor classes wearing Tusks of Mannoroth when I don’t even have mine yet lol.

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OH I would prolly mog them on every class. :rofl::rofl:


My measure of success comes from within, not by what I have and others don’t. Oh wait, this is wow community, nevermind. I forgot I was talking to wow player, don’t mind me. Carry on.

Since I run with HP bars on players, I can always tell what class anyone is mostly before I even loook at the player themselves. I won’t need their mog to know.

Some do exist, however, thanks primarily to Paladins. Ergo, Warriors can look like mages. They can even wield staves.

It has nothing to do with success, it’s more about access. Class fantasy should stay in the game. Unlike some of these Korean games where they have silly police costumes, scuba outfits ect… Ruins my immersion.

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As a fellow tusk runner with all my plate classes all I can say is

One of us, one of us. Lol

But really. Allow all classes to unlock transmogs for gear they find. Unlocking gear and wearing it are differnt thinks tho

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Exactly yup yup

I hate the yeti transmog, it makes no sense to me as to why it is in the game but I have nothing against people that wear it.

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I hate it too, I wish it wasn’t in the game. I’m glad alot of people don’t wear it.

I feel your pain. I took an extended break and missed much of Legion throughout nearly all of 2017 and the first part of 2018 when my mother’s health began to deteriorate prior to her passing in September 2017.

When I finally did come back around May of 2018, I ran MC during my second week back on a whim as there were some transmog items I wanted from there on a warrior I sometimes play.

I wound up getting one of the Bindings of the Windseeker on that trip.

Since then, not counting downtime due to boredom with 8.2, and an extended absence from August to last month following last year’s fiasco and dissatisfaction with the SL story, I’ve been in there every week on that character. Still need the second one.

Call me odd and superstitious, but I dare not run it on another character. Yeah, I know: multiple characters=more chances per week. However, you need two those (one from Baron, one from Garr). Knowing my luck, I’ll have the left on one character, and the right on the other, and neither of them will ever get the other one.


Yeah I took a 3 year break from running Siege when Legion came out. But altogether I’ve spent 5 years farming them, ugh.

I read a Blue post a few years back, they said the shoulders have a .05% chance to drop, and the shoulders weren’t even suppose to be in the game lol.

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I had a friend awhile back get the shoulders his first try on his Paladin. And he didn’t even care about the mog, he wanted the mount /facepalm

I felt so bad when I heard this lol.

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