Why do transmog restrictions still exist?

I can mog into several pieces that are obviously cloth looking. The Kul’Tiran dungeon set has cloth leggings with no visible armor at all. I can run around only wearing those and use a staff. I can wear the nercromancer set from Necrolord covenant and two staves. No. The restrictions are completely arbitrary at this point. Free the transmogs.


You talk about class fantasy, but whose fantasy is it? Why must my idea of what my own character should look like be limited to your more narrow view of what’s acceptable for a given class? And can you honestly say seeing someone wearing certain gear even ruins your immersion? If you were playing without tooltips and not inspecting the person, both of which would be far more “immersion breaking”, you wouldn’t even know what class they were. They would just be another person you fly past on your way to the auction house or run directly through, as if neither of you existed as more than a massless projection, on your way out of the bank.

Even within the game there are examples of NPC characters that fit a certain class archetype and yet aren’t limited to that classes armor type. Couple that with all the other appearance changing options I previously mentioned and the “class fantasy” argument doesn’t really hold up anymore, I don’t think.

Removing transmog restrictions would so massively expand a given characters appearance customization options, I honestly feel if anything it would add to the immersion factor, if such a thing even exists in this game anymore. Having a bunch of people with interesting and unique transmogs, looking like individuals rather than carbon copies of one another, seems far more realistic to me.


Devs should simply enable all armor type appearances to all classes.

The concept of “fantasy” for armor types in WoW is just dumb. You can easily find cloth pieces that look like plate and plate that look like cloth. It also causes this weird lack of creatitivy when it comes to leather and mail.

This game is nearly 20 years old. This kind of restriction is dumb.


Mail has suffer the most with “lack of creativity”.
Belive me… I know.

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mage uses “illusion” on warrior.
and there goes that argument :wink:

class fantasy may hold its grip on the actual gear but World fantasy says that illusion magic for armor etc is as common place as a B plot in a 15+ year old game.

But Nightborne Protection Warriors with their heritage…


People are afraid they’ll be exposed as the tasteless, talentless, unfashionable creatures they are if options were open.

Depends on the fantasy you look at. In some there’s battle mages. Spell casters who wear plate armor.

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I don’t know. The weirdest one to me is recolors of the same gear, like I can use the blue/red cata engi googles as plate, but not green, whereas my hunter can use green/blue but not red.

They’re the same goggles.

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Not fun for you, but i love it. To farm transmogs, mounts and pets is part of my fun.

But yes, i like the idea of being able to transmog any type of armor on any class, like Elder Scrolls Online do. More freedom is better.


The glaive off hand from illidan sitting in my priests bank agrees

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Hi there.

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The fairy transmog bothers me the most, especially on male characters. Looks better on female toons though.

I’m all for acquiring appearances without regard to armor type.

As far as lifting restrictions on what you can transmog though, I’m a bit more middling. I don’t want to see clothies wearing plate or vice versa (beyond what’s possible with the handful of special transmog sets) but I could see an argument for at least opening up leather appearances to mailwearers, primarily because mail appearances in general are awful. My hunter and shaman feel more huntery and shamany in leather anyway.

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Agreed! 100%. Just because some pvper cries about a warrior wearing cloth or leather, it shouldn’t stop me from looking like a barbarian with light armor!

Same reason over and over we can’t have anything nice in the game.

Because of PvPers.

Evert last one of them will whine and cry that it’s unfair for a druid to be able to mog cloth or vice versa because they “need to male split second decisions about whether someone can be cyclones, steeped, etc”

It’s literally the worst for pvers. We constantly suffer under the unjust hand of a small margin of players that makes up a fraction of the total player base. Everyone knows pvp is dead. There are handfuls of people who push ratings on each server and the same ones just sell carries in their spare time.

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You mean the same ones that have add-ons that blatantly identify their opponents class and spec for them?

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You can literally buy a cloth set from the store, then there’s the wendigo woolies, then some can wield a fish or shovel.

At this point, transmog restrictions are 100% pointless. Class fantasy isn’t a thing anymore. Let players choose.

Yup same ones. Every single night of the week they will argue it is unfair to visually distract them or make them think someone is a mage when they are a hunter.