Why do people hate on mechagnomes

Another issue is that there is no unique features to Mechagnome pcs. Just walk through the Rustbolt camp and bam, there is all the features on display from npcs.

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They took a beautiful island and turned it into a junkyard. Maybe they’d be better liked if they’d learn to clean up after themselves.

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I made a Hunter that is an Engineer/Miner. I wanted to go the full “mechanical pet” theme and be able to take advantage of the whole “forge and anvil” thing they have.

Her name is Linearity. I’m such a nerd sometimes…


The biggest issue that I see. It’s an ar for one of the least played races with no distinction from core race other than mechanical limbs. Contrasted against Vulpera which may eventually out number their core race.

The few people who like a robotic appendage versus the vast majority who would have taken almost anything else. Personally, doesn’t matter to me. Always glad to see more options for characters, even if the majority are just paint jobs.


except mechagnomes.

so very, very gross.

I’ve always disliked gnomes. I never thought blizz would release a race I disliked more. how wrong I was…


I’d either like a toggle for the arms and legs missing off the transmog or them to just be fully customizable metal.

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Horde races aren’t.

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Just look at them.

I already hate normal gnomes because they are creepy derpy little buggers.

So cut off a few limbs and stick rusted metal in place and they are just beta’d. All junker gnomes are beta derps.

Aw I like gnomes they are adorable !

They’re transhumanists and technocrats who advance the New World Order agenda and reject God.

Why would people like them?

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I fail to see the issue here, Death Knight.


They’re creepy looking, not cool robot looking. I guess?

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The Alliance population has been in freefall for a while. A new shiny AR was a grand opportunity to lure a few players back from the Horde, or even get some people re-subbed.

Imagine being able to play a High-Elf Paladin, or a Vrykul Warrior. If either of these were possible, I would be re-subbed right now working on their heritage armor. Instead the Alliance got an uglier version of their least played race. What a waste… Effectively a middle-finger in the face of the Alliance when we needed help the most.

There is a disorder called Body Identity Dysphoria (BID), which causes it’s sufferer to engage in self-harm, and in some cases, an overwhelming desire to amputate their limbs. I saw a documentary on it years ago and it stuck with me how much these poor people suffered with this terrible disease.

For some, amputating their own limbs is the ultimate fulfillment of this disorder and it almost seemed, fetishistic… This is what I’m reminded of when I see a Mechagnome. It’s just sadness on multiple levels.


Transhumanism is an actual thing and is not a disorder, which is what the Mechagnomes represent. Good job trying to link an entire race to an actual disorder though, in a vain attempt to justify your own silly outrage.

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They have more work put into their models and animations than most previous allied races and weren’t bugged to hell on release like Kul Tirans and Zandalari were, I wouldn’t call that rushed.

Once again, that ship sailed when Lightforged, Highmountain, Dark Irons, and Mag’har were made into full races after people asked for them to be customizations, but of course, people like you will keep saying that mechas should’ve been barber options and ignore those other four due to grandfather clause.

Giving existing gnome characters access to an entire model with new hair, animations, and attachments is not comparable to night elves getting two or three new skin tones from an optional sidequest, that’s extremely disingenuous.

The Alliance was getting either a gnome-based race or a worgen-based race, nothing else. Gnomes won the decision because they needed some time in the spotlight.

I was counting the seconds until you came into this thread to spread your vitriol.


I’m doing that exact build. Guns, bombs and robots, what could go wrong?

You mean what could go RIGHT? EVERYTHING! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Where are you getting this from? Are the Allied Race rules written down somewhere?

All the hate flowing through this thread (many fine posts, a few not so much) makes me think some poor mechagnome will turn to the dark side. He shall be known as Darth Small and he will be an affliction warlock. Dots to the throat! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: