Why do people hate on mechagnomes

Every race is equally deserving of love ! :sunflower::blossom::cherry_blossom:


It’s the hand clamps.

I think they are alright but let us be honest. They are an off shoot of one of the least played races in the game with less transmog options. That could have easily have been a customization for gnomes (yes I know that a few allied races could fall into that column as well), like the incoming Wild Hammer dwarfs.


I don’t hate them, and I’m glad some people like them, just to me they just seem uninspired, I guess. Mechagnomes feel like they should have just been a cosmetic unlock for gnomes, not necessarily a new race. Still, if they had the option to look totally robotic (other than just their heritage armor) I’d like them a lot more and might even play one.


Because they are punt-able until you realise they are 90% metal. To heavy to punt and really nasty when you kick them.


I don’t hate mechagnomes, I just wish they had been done better than what we got.


What’s missing? :thinking:

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Personally I like mechagnomes. They’re the only non-legion AR I’m gonna get this expansion. I’m a little over halfway to exalted. And I dig the clamps, I know technically IRL they’d be less useful than a hand but as fantasy it’s fine.

As long as you actually want to rock the cyborg look the mog thing shouldn’t be an issue. I wouldn’t go to the trouble of getting them just to cover up the coolest parts. That’s one reason I decided to make him a hunter, no robe issues. Now if it turns out he can tame that yellow mechanical cat in mechagon, it’ll all be coming together perfectly. The only downside will be lack of many robotic pets to choose from.

If I want to hate on a race, it’s a tie between Kul-Tirans and Vulpera, you couldn’t pay me to grind either of them as I have almost negative interest. All just opinion, everyone has one.

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For starters - asymmetrical arm and leg choices (the whole all or nothing robotic limbs sucks), more customization in general (they don’t even have the traditional bright hair colors Gnomes are known for) and the fact that it looks as though they were constructed from arcade machine scraps.

Almost forgot how nearly all mogs other than heritage armor are overwritten by their “robotic” parts.


Lack of hair colors is definitely a thing though, I couldn’t believe the regular gnomes have crazier hair colors, what sense does that make? I assume they’ll add more in SL, it’s really begging for it.

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Transmog options, custom options.


AR are already confirmed to not get new customization options at the start of SL, if they will get along the way or in the next expa, who knows

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Do you really want to see a mechagnome that looks exactly like a normal gnome until you get to his hands and feet? I’m all for more options but that’s exactly what you’d end up with if people could mog it over. As a future mechagnome, I’d mog it to show the rust anyway. :slight_smile:

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Only a small vocal group of people who are generally just band wagon haters or people who feel vaguely (sometimes strongly) that the mechagnomes robbed them of something really have any hate for us.

Most everyone else doesn’t care or is already happily enjoying their Mechagnome.


So… exactly what they are?

I’m confused.

2 sets of arms, 2 colors of feet.

Just not enough options, feels rushed.

Also the point that Horde races appear to get development resources while the Alliance races/mounts appear rushed and generic.


Probably because they aren’t High Elves or some other more popular race. It’s not what they wanted so it is obviously bad. Customization could’ve done better though


They get flak either simply because of their appearances, that they were paired with vulpera, or that they’re an offshoot of a historically unpopular race. Because of the third reason, they’re also regularly blamed for the Alliance not getting sethrak, ankoan, or some other race that they weren’t getting in this patch, anyway. I’m enjoying mine, of course.


Ah, you may have thought I said arms and legs. :slight_smile: I meant just hands and feet, too small a detail to tell at a glance basically. If you give them pants and sleeves, that’s what you end up with.

What sets them apart from a gnome with engineering already?

The lack of arm/leg options is bad.

Could have been so much more. But no, you get rust or not rust, clamp or not clamp.


Also their corpses still leave all bones. Whaaat?


I didn’t think I’d like them at first, but they grew on me. There only has to be a single customization you like, and luckily for me there’s at least one combination I’m satisfied with. I will say it’s somewhat deflating that they won’t be adding any new options next expansion, but like I said, there’s an option I’m okay with for now.