Why do people hate on mechagnomes

I stared at that screen for a while trying to make… something.

Same reason I can’t do a druid too much, not enough customization.

(I know, my basic prebuilt tmog says otherwise, but it is amazingly alliance paladin)


Another person who uses mogs based on faction and class. You just became my BFF.

Nice work with the hood, has vanilla tirion vibe to it. :heart:

Would use different pally mogs if there was an option to select color of wings and the mount used for divine steed. Since stuck though - gotta use colors that support those.

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Jealousy makes people do mean things.



Normally I don’t agree with you on anything… But yeah this.

This is why I say more options is always good.

Glyph that uses your selected favorite mount would be awesome.

We need about a thousand more glyphs in game.


You’re slowly coming to the light :wink:

I personally just feel they are the worst aesthetically pleasing of all be factions. It’s the random clamp hands and legs. The impracticality of it all is just odd to me…and it truly does look bad.

That said, with some transmogs it can look good. But you gotta find the right ones!


Paladin reporting.

The point is Blizz need to step up their character customization game. WTB elf ears/eyebrows that do not bug through helms :nauseated_face:

Even the armor mogs for this expansion have been generic per armor class. WTB CLASS BASED MOGS.

Now if only he could reach the switch.


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I have a rifle. It’s amazingly useful for human placed switches.

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Welcome fellow lightbringer!

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Out of hearts, take this one :blue_heart:

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I have a warlock! Her name is Elodie and she’s adorable.


This is why Gnomes are superior, they have a solution for every problem!


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Or the other way, with less robotics as well.

I think they have JUST enough robotic parts to make them off-putting.

Well a mechagnome in rustbolt offered to equip a flashlight on my arm.

You guys are alright.


Poorly implemented and rushed garbage is what they are, basically taking up a spot where a good/unique alliance AR could have been.

The mech gnomes should have just been customization options like Nelf black eyes and a good AR added for alliance.

It’s extremely lazy and you cant even have one metal arm/leg with a robot arm/leg. The head options/mechanical parts are all terrible. Should be an options to not have any of those.