Why do people expect a massive fall off?

Blizz adding another EST PvP realm today 8/14/19

ue to very high demand, we will open a new WoW Classic realm for name reservations at 5:00 p.m PDT (8:00 p.m. EDT) today, Wednesday, August 14:

Stalagg – PvP – Eastern Time

at least they are watching the server pops and are indeed adding new servers when they feel one is getting too full

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I simply do not believe you. Practically everything you say would indicate that you played basically no Vanilla, let alone raided at a high level.

Assuming this was true (which it isn’t, we never let druids tank AQ or NAXX as main tanks), you literally just proved the other guys point that the classes are balanced and druids weren’t gimped.

You can feel free to look up Skarmtank on youtube and have Druid explained to you and demonstrated.

They CAN maintank anything without a fear mechanic or something similar but no, they’ll no longer be gimped when a lynchpin of two of their roles isn’t using a level 29 Mace. Nothing about Feral DPS or Tanking would work without this silly gimmick.

well im a returning player, hate retail, and hope it doesn’t fall off too hard lol :slight_smile:


I mean, they don’t get it for free. You need an active subscription to play it, so everyone who has an active WoW subscription can play both retail and Classic, when it’s released.

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Private server players who are unwilling to pay for it wouldn’t show up in the first place.

I certainly agree that they exist, but they won’t significantly contribute to a drop-off because primarily they just won’t show up at all.

rofl, that burn !!!

Only reason I have a gnome avatar is cause I played a little bit of retail for a week while I waited for the Classic open beta.

edit : wow i have no idea was this reply only just flagged in my notifications 3 days later lol.

You only bring enough Hunters for Tranq shot rotations as it is NOW.

What you SHOULD be asking is “But where will all the Warriors go?”

Very few changes would be need to be made to most of the classes themselves and most of the issue has to do with Itemization, especially for Enhancement Shaman which is what I’m going to talk about here.

There are any number of ways to go about making Enhancement Shaman more viable without drastically affecting their output in PvP.

We’re going to assume that Enhancement is intended to be DPS, I’m going to keep this as brief as possible despite the fact that I could go on at length about this…

Change the debuff to a self buff that significantly lowers the mana cost of Shock Spells. Maybe Totems too if its needed.

Talents and Abilities
Remove the Tanking talents from Enhancement and make Two Handed Axes and Maces trainable by default.

Parry and Toughness need to be replaced, Anticipation could stand to be something better as well. Toughness provides very little additional mitigation to the Mail wearing Shaman and is of almost negligible value and other classes that get Parry get it for free at levels 6, 8 and 12. I would rather simply have a more appropriate talent for my role and forego ever getting Parry at all.

Class sets shouldn’t be itemized for a particular function to the exclusion of others, this goes for all classes, not just the ones that are suffering.

The token system worked fine, but barring that, just turn Tiered set piece drops into a an item that allows the player to choose a piece that would be appropriately itemized for whatever they want…

Better than all this, just gravitate the true hybrids toward what they were in TBC, it’s already proven effective and it didn’t ruin the game.

and you’re still waiting for them to do the second ever open beta in WoWs history, and will be waiting for a very long time, unless they make the beta open right before launch.

meh, there’s less than 2 weeks till it goes live, I can be patient.

They -are not- “Support Classes” they are “Healers” there is a distinct difference between the two.

It is also not clear at all that you won’t be allowed to play the spec you wanted as any one of the true hybrids until you get there and find out that you have ONE THING that you can do in raid. One.

Imagine for a second that your Mage finally got to 60 and you were told that your literal only purpose in a raid is to exclusively Conjure Food/Water and open a portal at the end and that you are basically useless for any other thing besides those.

Does that sound fun? Cause that’s what Paladins and Shaman got stuck with. Druids too for quite some time and even still unless you want to partake of a counter-intuitive gimmick that no other class has to deal with…

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I personally expect to fall off… it’s hard to imagine investing that much time into something I’ve already seen and done. I totally get that’s the point for a lot of people and I kind of hope I do get into it.


There will be a surge and dropoff because subscriptions are shared. The real question is whether or not layering absorbs the surge and a good population is left behind. After the success if the name reservation event, I’m optimistic.

And can be hidden, so yeah…there’s that.

Everyone seems to fall into one of two camps.

1.) Played some Classic be it short or long.
2.) Heard how great Classic was and seen youtube videos of Classic PVP.

I think there will be a drop off a decent amount who think 1-60 takes a week to level.
I know us players who played Classic will not be expecting to level 1-60 in a week.
There will be the “too hard” group who will drop off and lose interest.

I am hoping that Blizzard take home from this experience why people are going back to Classic.
Getting rid of the old Talent Tree’s for me is when WoW lost it for me, i went from loving it to liking it.
That is by far the most exciting thing for me, i really hope Blizzard bring this old system back to the Next WoW expansion but i suspect they will not do that.
They could always have an Auto Button for a cookie cutter build for each Spec.
I doubt they’d do that but it would be nice…

How is it going to be at Blizzard when they see more Subs logged into WoW Classic than BFA. :slight_smile:

It does take a week, a week played time.

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That and cross realm battlegrounds.

I wish more than anything that instead of abandoning the talent trees that had doubled and tripled down on them so today retail would have something akin to the Path of Exile skill tree instead of the putrid garbage they settled on…

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Simple. Classic is difficult with insanely slow leveling (i played vanilla). People are used to easy street and fast leveling. Only serious hard core players will last on classic. There will be a large drop off of the casual players.

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Imagine playing classic WoW in 2019 and expecting it to be mainstream

Its an oline video game, name one that doesnt drop after all the hype.


i came back for just for classic, played some retail to get to level 10 so i could post. Threw up a little in my mouth retail felt like i was playing some cheap mobile app it was terrible but I pushed through for classic.