Why do people expect a massive fall off?

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I mean at the end of the day Classic won’t have any updates, in terms of content or expansions. Once everything is done a million times I feel like it will start to get boring for some people. That’s not to say Classic wont be a huge success for a very long time.

Everyone has gotten use to retail wow and almost everything being handed to them. They might “try” classic but unless they really LOVE it they will more less just fall back to BFA even towlie said he’s more into retail then classic and probably wont play it much.

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Its because of peoples egos, the bigger the ego the bigger the speculation.

I personally think it will rise until its doesn’t, its possible to get wod numbers in classics ploy if people weren’t for blizzard ruining their rep. But its probably still possible.
Blizzards been too hype central with current wow expansions, wod, legion, bfa.
Wod and bfa didn’t really deliver what was hyped at launch.

It would be nice if bgs were server only again, I surely miss those.

Got me there, i do remeber it continuing to grow evem after a month. It was a BR done right when the market is asking for em. But mmo is a tiny market compared to the active average 200 million active players on BRs right now.

It grew really hard in the first months, but started to fall off because of multiple different reasons. And about your comment on the MMO audience vs the BR audience, I completely agree with you there. That’s why I don’t understand why some people are comparing the subscriber growth from 2004 and directly correlating it to 2019. It’s a different world and a different gaming culture. WoW classic is going to be wildly popular, but it’s not going to be THE game. MMOs will never be, but that shouldn’t really matter to us, all that should matter is that we are getting the game we love back.


Why do you think so? Gaming is becoming more and more online-centric on every platform and console. We haven’t seen a strong demand for MMORPGs because the ones available aren’t worth playing; the market itself turned players off to the very idea. And yet, ESO, Final Fantasy Online, Monster Hunter, and yes, even our beloved Retail WoW still gets a lot of active players.

Dare I say the market right now is CRAVING the next big MMO, one to rule them all, one that embodies the game designs of the past while being relevant to the future. WoW Classic will be its catalyst. :slight_smile:


I never said that MMOs wouldn’t be popular and never said that classic won’t be big, but the modern age of videogames has changed, and if you can’t see that then there’s really nothing else I can add to this. The amount of people who play BRs and those other types of games is absurd. They want to hop on the PC, xbox, PS4, and just play their game and earn cool cosmetic rewards. I also don’t like the argument that there isn’t a single good MMO on the market that is worth playing. Current WoW is not all that special but still has its moments, ESO is great for questing and storytelling, etc. They aren’t as good as classic in our eyes, but someone who plays fortnite that was born in 2003 is not going to magically come to classic WoW and get hooked.

The gaming industry has changed from just chillin on the PC playing games to a competitive market where so many people are looking to make a living. MMOs will never be the biggest genre. The MMO market is craving the next big MMO, but people who don’t play them likely won’t come to a game that was made in 2004.

Back in the day, people didn’t know the long grind they were getting into. After 15 years of playing and coming up the ladder where they can roll alts with bags gold mount and gear from get go, it will be tough to start at copper. Plus back then some of us were lucky to be single, now we have spouse kids pets life that demand our time. Plus now we KNOW what grind awaits and while we may play slowly for nostalgia, unless wow tokens show up to get time saving items we need, backpacks, food etc, most may not go past the lvl 40 mark.
Though i did foresee initial interest and inform blizzard on facebook that first day logins will be 3.4 million (note: logins). But overall the base will settle at about 1.5 to 2 million mark.

And this shift in the player base will have an effect on the game itself. I’m expecting guilds to be more family friendly this time around, due to the higher percentage of the population that is in this state.

Yeah, we’re not going to be doing any world firsts, but we’ll progress, just very slowly.

I’m not sure – all I know is that I’d still be playing today if the game hadn’t become terrible.

If I get a good game back I’ll have no reason to leave.

Everyone on the entire planet knows about classic

I hear you. But it makes me wonder if the industry changed unintentionally from what they thought players wanted (I.e. competition, shorter play periods, convenience) by implementing these desires in a way that sacrifices long-term development, the lasting “fun factors”, immersion, and so on. The industry did this collectively because of market research, which according to a WoW Vanilla developer, should have minimal impact on gaming decisions.

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Yeah it would be weird to see where the game would be at now if they didn’t base their game design around market trends and the constant QQing of people who complain that they didn’t have access to certain content. But now, we are just a number to Blizzard, we are no longer a player, we are a dollar sign. That’s why it annoys me when people I talk to guildies on retail and my friends coming back to the game (because of classic), and they state that Blizzard is turning the ship around and they are going to fix everything and they want to bring back classic because they love their player base and want to give them a quality product blah blah blah.

I’m not a Blizzard hater by any stretch of the imagination, but they knew how much money in subscriptions they would make by the amount of people coming back and saw it as a worthwhile investment. They enjoy money and classic will give them that, they aren’t reverting back to their roots of being an organization ran by the people who play the game religiously and know what’s best for it.

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I mean that’s just false. I watched Timthetatman stream WoW a couple times, and he talked about how excited he is for classic. 95.236% of the 13 year olds in his chat had literally no idea what he was talking about. We are a lot older than we think as it pertains to the gaming market.

We’re going to run out of content eventually and go back to retail

Some will go back to retail, some will quit classic and not play retail, and a lot will stay. We really won’t be able to know, all we should be worrying about is enjoying the game and having a great time.

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Well that won’t happen for at least 2 retail expansions based off the “phase” drops they plan to do and by that time hopefully they announce “classic expansion zones” that give you more things to do, but not necessarily give you more levels.

At least that’s my hope, it will just depend on how many subscriptions play classic compared to retail as main games.

I really hope they do this. I know a lot of people want no changes, but I hope adding new dungeons and zones and maybe raids to the classic game is something they are considering. Jagex has proven with OSRS that adding new content to an old game design is something that works quite well and is usually well received by the veteran players, and I for one am all for adding new content to the old game design of classic wow.


This isn’t true actually, I just had a conversation a couple of days ago with some people in a fairly large gaming community that plays other games, that had no idea classic was coming out. I was talking about it with someone else in the chat, they joined in and were asking if it was some private server, when I told them blizzard was doing it, their interest level went way up and were talking about the “good ole days” of wow and were looking into playing and getting their friends to play. There were 2 guys that were skeptical and very negative about it, and were like “I did it already, why would I want to do it again?” but the majority of the people in the conversation were excited.

Just because you live in a bubble where people know things, doesn’t mean the general population knows those same things. It is like the people on twitter that seem to think if it is said on twitter, everyone knows about it. Not everyone is connected to those communities.