Why do people expect a massive fall off?

I personally will continue playing retail until Classic is released, not because BFA is a great game but it’s a familiar game I can go brain dead with to relax and take up slack time. For $15/month it’s a cheap way to keep myself entertained.

Once classic is released I am planning on only playing classic, others I spoke with have said basically the same thing. I am sure there will be tourists dropping off, maybe returning during content droughts in retail maybe not. But I do think there will be plenty of people sticking around months/years to keep the launch servers at high/full status. Just name reservation has 2 full 5 high and 4 mediums, I suspect most of the 5 highs will go to full before/at launch and the 4 mediums will probably go to high as well. this will spell disaster at removal of layering in my opinion.

With the removal of layers I fear that these high population servers will end up with really long queues. This would be a shame as nobody wants to wait around in queues for an hour. I hope if the populations 2 weeks after launch are over 6-7k on a server they release additional servers of the same type/timezone as the full/high pop servers and offer free transfers for reducing the queue times after layering is removed. I remember queue times in the 20-60 minute range on my servers in vanilla and that was annoying.

we don’t know when layering is going away other than ‘a few weeks after launch’ which could be 3 weeks or 2 months who knows. Anyway by the 1 month mark I think the tourists will mostly be gone and hopefully at that point blizz will add whatever servers are needed to keep queues to a reasonable few minutes.

Try that sentence again with some structure. It sounded like complete gibberish.

You claimed you didn’t see my achievement, I said I had the tabard, you assumed that meant look at my characters armory tabard, you didn’t realize there was a tabard achievement.

Game. Set. Match.

And Wrath had LFD, vanilla had CRBG’s.

All of these things were partly in the case of CRBG’s or entirely the result of blizzard releasing too many servers. Something that fortunately they seem to be avoiding with classic.

I am sorry, but i don’t know how to make the sentence more simple or easier. Also try to be polite, i am not in fault if you remember things that never happebed nor can show any evidence of a vanilla merge.

I know there is a tabard achievment because i do have the tabard lol.

That sounded like a pingeon craping on the chess table.

Battlegroups(realm groups that pvp each other like ruin etc) did exist in vanilla but this wasn’t a server merger.
Wotlk had LFD and cata had LFR
Those are also not server mergers.

As i said dont jump on the discussion whitout reading it.

I replied to your post stating that blizzard never closed or merged servers, which is dead wrong they have most certainly merged servers.

That they didn’t do it until later is irrelevant to the core issue that blizzard is very aware of the problems dead servers cause and that they are trying to avoid that situation in the first place by not releasing too many servers.

They never closed nor merged servers.
In vanilla.
That is dead right.
Which is what is/was beign discussed if you actually care to read the replies.

As i said, dont jump on things you don’t know about.

I resubbed pretty much only to play classic. BFA is entirely unfun right down to the classes and the flow of combat. A lot of people i know are resubbing to only play classic as well.

Will there be a drop off? Yeah, sure. Will it be massive? Probably not. BFA isnt that good, and a lot of the people coming back are doing so only for classic, and there are a lot of us.

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Oh wait here’s what you originally said.

Actually what’s generally being discussed is the long term population of classic if you’d bothered to read the actual topic of the thread. And in regards to that blizzard is very aware of the issue of dead servers and it was an issue all the way back to vanilla.

That they didn’t resort to mergers until after vanilla is irrelevant to the discussion of why they are using layering instead of releasing too many servers.

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Compared to Vanilla and BC? HUGE difference, if you played back then your sub history would show tons of free time given because of the server issues, Legion and BfA were a huge improvement.

With the type of merges they did no servers were removed.

Compared to Vanilla? not even in the same ballpark,

Queues are not a bad thing, as they are always temporary.

Yah, I am pretty sure this isn’t true, you have a citation that shows this?

Then its my fault i should’ve write classic or wow classic since someone out of the convo could misunderstand it.
However the entire discussion withe the dude was well about vanilla servers having a merge.
And i stated early that they did Connected realms and CRZ but never inf act did a direct merger.

I am sorry, but i don’t know how to make the sentence more simple or easier. Also try to be polite, i am not in fault if you remember things that never happebed nor can show any evidence of a vanilla merge.

Go back and reread your sentence again. It’s full of spelling errors and makes literally zero sense.

To the second point, you have already been proven wrong. Your further argument relied upon you trying to prove I never played vanilla wow, which has been proven false.

That sounded like a pingeon craping on the chess table.


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Well you really shouldn’t have said WoW has at no point ever merged servers if you only meant they never merged them in vanilla.

Oddly enough those two statements have very different meanings. As blizzard 100% has merged servers.

And in the over all context of this thread they are trying to avoid being in that position again.

Yah, I am pretty sure this isn’t true, you have a citation that shows this?

Your feelings on the matter don’t effect the truth.

You forgot *crapping also :joy:

WoW forums… The only place you can argue about the same thing for 3 days straight.

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You were the dude whom accused me of that lol

truth i also keep saying vanilla when i meant classic servers and vice-versa.

lol , do you have a source to back up your incorrect claim or not?

They never merged servers in Vanilla, if you have actual evidence, I would love to be shown to be wrong.

Also I did peruse your armory, your dates are all over the place for something, was their an issue with your achievements?

ftr, he was a Vanilla PvP title

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Umm yeah no, as someone who remembers the long list of low population servers, the never ending posts about how low pop servers sucked, and the continual free transfers to try and balance servers, more servers is a horrible idea. Hell, the whole cross realm play that people always complain about came about as Blizz’s workaround to forced server merges.

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I feel like you two are both arguing for the same thing, which is fewer servers.

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