Why do people expect a massive fall off?

I mean, i do remeber vanilla and BC launch beign extremely bad.
But all other launches were fine. Both legion and bfa were pretty smooth for me and my friends.

Further evidence that blizzard can’t run their servers efficiently - but that being said, WOD had some of the WORST server failures. BC had queues, so did Vanilla, but WOD you literally couldn’t play the game for the first week because the world servers would crash and you couldn’t use your garrison (which was necessary for the story to progress)

They didnt merge though they created connected realms tech.

Actually they did merge servers back in vanilla. The cross realm technology was invented later.

They didn’t merge any servers at any given point in wow nor closed them.

Thats true
Garrisons were a mess for the first week and had some crashes. Not as bad as vanilla bc or wotlk crashes though. Vanilla you kept falling of the world for the first 6 months of the game lol.

You’re remembering incorrectly then. They condensed servers once the population became an issue and resulted in dead servers.

Nope, osrs beat its launch numbers 9 months before mobile launched. I dunno when it surpassed RS3 cause i dont care that much about it but i know it was before mobile as well.

I am really not.
They have never closed nor merged any servers.
If you have to make up things to sustain a claim you should abandon it.

When servers had population issues they recieved free transfers like Ursin got from warsong and aerie peak got from some other high pop servers aswell.

But a total 0 of them closed or were merged.


Wansn’t this when RS3 became p2w?
The data i checked up was old af btw lol.

When servers had population issues they recieved free transfers like Ursin got from warsong and aerie peak got from some other high pop servers aswell.

That was for over population. If you weren’t playing Vanilla during this time you wouldn’t know about it. There were server mergers. Blizzard created too many servers following the christmas push and there were several dying after the hype died down so they decided to merge them into one community.

Even if this WASN’T the case (which it was), there is no reason Blizzard couldn’t do it (again) on the back end for too many servers, rather than trying to CONVINCE people to leave their servers.

Closed no, but yes they did do server mergers.

Blizzard just calls them connected servers but that’s just semantics. And because of the sharding works now the open world in general is basically a ton of servers merged.

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Ironically contrary to you i do have vanilla achievments from both scourge event and pvp rank, lol. Even old onyxia achievment is there.
There were 0 servers mergeds and closed servers and yes transfers were usually from high pop servers to a low pop server, that was the whole point of them. Kargath had transfer from warsong server and other servers for instance and those players created Death and Taxes and became the top US guild.
It wasn’t the case and merging servers is expensive thats the whole point of layering.

Dont jump on the discussion soo hard.
Yes connected realms are a form or mergin servers.
But vanilla didnt have any of that. Vanilla to Cata no server was merged or closed, MoP had CRZ and connected realms came in late WoD.

Contrary to me? I participated in the scourge event on both my horde priest and my alliance mage. I still HAVE my Haunted Momento. I still have my tabard from the scourge event on my mage. Next time you go creeping around someones achievements maybe try to verify it first?

I participated in the AQ event, I participated in the AQ gate opening and my guild master also got the Qiraji Battle Tank Mount. I was playing the game well before Dire Maul released.

Dont jump on the discussion soo hard.

You’re only upset because he invalidated your false claim.

It had to be after, RS3 added the squeel of fortune well before osrs was a thing.

I didnt care to see your armory bro i just aways say it because works 90% of the time. I have all of those too, so that i means we both played it since you already recognized those are vanilla achievments.

Still no merging of servers ever happened in vanilla.
And i played the game before maraudon was launched lol. I even remeber when firetree server was created.

And yet, real server merges would be less destructive than what they did, at this point.

He is talking about connected realms and sharding.
Not about vanilla mergers or anything.

I mean reading is important.

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It’s literally ON the achievements you trolled. If you paid more attention (like you clearly haven’t to the conversation and are playing loosely with the facts) you would have noticed I have the Scourge Event Tabard achievement as well.

Dont get mad.
I already stated i didnt even care to armory you.

You obviously did considering that’s where you were trolling through my achievements. Caught in another lie, I guess that doesn’t matter to you though. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I really didn’t. It works like that either he doesnt have or is obligated ro recognzie i played vanilla.
Its a win/win
And worked again.

I mean if you want soo bad to them merge servers go for it, but it didn’t happen we didnt even had crz before mop.

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