Why Dishonorable Kills failed at their intended purpose


Then don’t put yourself into a position where it can affect you. I.e. stay away from quest hubs, small towns and major cities of the opposite faction. Seems pretty straight forward to me.


Killing Quest NPCs gave DHK.

That’s all I need to know they should keep it in the game.


You ignore the fact that “Because vanilla” would apply to BOTH DHK’s being present AND the absence of DHK’s since both were part of vanilla.


Already been explained as to why that doesn’t matter.


C’mon. Its 2019.

“I want to do whatever I want, to whoever, without consequence! Because I’m special!”

is the mantra of the day. That’s why this 2004 logic messes with their heads.


Keeping loot trading in Classic was their plan from the start. Nothing changed. Neither did their plans surrounding AV as they said, from the start, that they were going with 1.12 as the game version to build off of.

So as far as I can see, what Blizz says when they first say something, seems to me like that’s what they intend to stick with. As with other aspects, they’ve stated that this is somewhat of a preservation to the core experiences of the game. So I can’t really say they’re going to deviate much further away from how WoW post-1.12 was rolled out.

There’s my logic; going off of what they’ve done thus far.


BUT OMG! They can’t be trusted because we yelled at them so hard they changed it slightly! Blizzard caved to the vocal minority! Which is us! So we’re going to yell at them for it, while demanding changes!

I swear that the modern era has managed to breed the ill effects of cognitive dissonance out of the vast majority of the population.


The policy on loot trading did change though, originally when announced it was going to be from 5 man dungeons and raids but after much outcry from the community it was changed to raids only now.

And again, the content plan was originally 4 phases, now I believe it is 6 or something.

Changes have occurred on previous announcements based on community reception.


I think you missed mine. You are confusing the motivation to do world pvp because you WANT TO PVP vs the motivation to do world pvp because you WANT TO RANK UP.

Those are two different types of people. If the latter type refuse to engage in world pvp raids, then everyone is better off without them because what they really want to do is leech honor from the raid. And all they will end up doing is telling everyone else how to play and then rage-quitting when they get a DHK.

Let them do BGs and quit trying to tell everyone else how to play.

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Problem with DHK and city raiding is any form of AOE and cleave will hit a quest giver, that’s a DHK for the entire raid if say a mage uses cone of cold when pushing the gates of Stormwind from a huge defense squad of Alliance players, and that messes up the entire horde raid,

Massive world PVP events have a LOT of AOE thrown around. Also understand that say Jade who’s lvl 10 hits a level 5 quest giver who’s green to him he won’t get a DHK but Plufodo, who’s 26 will. It is a broken system, and all it did was prevent city raiding from happening.


DHK where in Vanilla as they weren’t same with Ranking in general.

The problem with this is, even if your entire raid is organized one AOE is a huge risk, you’re going to AOE. You also can’t control 120 + players on your own faction, 40 vs 40 is for AV 120 Vs ??? is More for Capital raids,

Personally i would leave them in if Civilian NPCS didn’t aggro on AOE, because AOE is a huge part of massive pvp fights. and it really hurts one side if one can, and the other can not.

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Dishonorable kills should have never been in this game to begin with. I am extremely disappointed they are returning.

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I gotta be honest, the OP only made me feel better about being able to cause trouble in the world to drum up some WPVP while at the same time trying to get some PVP ranks. I don’t mind waiting a week.


Mate, you got me. It is a guessing game most of the time when it comes to figuring out what Blizz is going to do. All I can do is go off of what’s happened more times than not in the past and try to put together a puzzle of thoughts and opinions I’ve come up with in a somewhat cohesive manner.

Maybe they’ll make sense. Maybe not. All I can do is unzip myself and tinkle into the wind, hoping I’ll it land into the water and not onto someone’s head.

Don’t know, mate. Don’t know.

I’ve just never been one to show my distaste for something for the most part. I always seem to just like watching where the chips fall and see what happens.

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The devs are probably hoping dhk’s keep pvp away from quest hubs. In my experience, it didn’t. But we’ll find out if it’s in. Maybe if dhk’s fail the devs can remove them.

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after DHK’s were implemented I could suddenly quest in cross roads again. Before that all the quest givers were dead all the time. So whatever “evidence” you might have posted (no I didn’t read it) DHK’s worked on my server.


It made no difference actually, after DHK were introduced they were killed at the same frequency and you could argue at an even higher rate specifically because they added a stat in your honor page to track it.

Quite a few people enjoyed killing civillian’s just to raise that number.

To add, the vast majority of players in vanilla did not know or understand what DHK’s even did, the only people that really were aware were the people actively ranking hardcore usually.

You’re only going to leave opportunities to grief same faction players as well as in the state of todays gaming encourage people to pad their dishonourable kills to brag or simply just to grief the other faction without care because they aren’t going to rank which keep in mind will not be in at the start of the game.

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I think that it happened less frequently, but it still happened. On Silver Hand (RP) it happened every weekend. But it could have been an rp event for all I know.

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My experience with them was this:

The town camping poop lords didn’t give a single damn about their pvp rank and camped towns regardless

Anyone who did care about rank just advoided wpvp like the plague, out of fear of inadvertently getting a DHK because they where massively more punitive the higher your rank was.

One particular guildie of mine lost two entire weeks on his 13-14 grind because ONE noob pulled a civilian between AB queus while in arathi.

The DHK system is the single largest embarrassment of the vanilla era, and did absolutely nothing good for the game.


And in today’s day, the amount of poop lords is exponentially larger.


There was at least one Horde and one Alliance group on Silver Hand who intentionally went out with RP in mind, to wreak havoc on the enemy, with no care for Ranking and just doing it because it was “their character”.