Why did we kill Cordana exactly?

Does anybody feel a bit icky about how we just murdered Cordana Felsong? Been doing the legion timewalking for some mounts and I realized that Cordana wasn’t really evil. She was being mind controlled and we did nothing to help her. Just killed her and immediately forgot her existence soon after.


She wasn’t being controlled, she was fel-corrupted. Same as literally every demon.

If we start making exceptions for her, we’d have to start setting up internment camps for imps. It’s a dangerous precedent.


So there was absolutely nothing that could be done to help her? This isn’t some random imp but a loyal ally who was influenced by a powerful magical item. Given that all of this took place during the Legion expansion and every player and their grandmother had some super awesome OP artifact that could slay gods and demons, it wouldn’t have been possible in anyway for us to capture and use that power to turn her back to normal?


What makes her special compared to the literal legions of corrupt draenei though? Other than she has a unique model. Fact is she wanted to kill us. It was a kill or be killed situation.


She annoyed me every time I booted up Windows.


I don’t feel too bad about it, no. Besides, I don’t think it was even possible to turn her back to normal anyway.

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She was a night elf so we killed her, unlike Garona who we saved because she wasn’t a night elf.


She apparently discovered all the traitors who would backstab us(Sylvanas and the Vassal of Life who I presume to be a Ny’alotha copy of Malfurion created via Re-Origination of Ny’alotha into the Emerald Dream) and decided to side with the most powerful group judging from her dialogue.

The Orb that whispered to her was called the Orb of Dominion and whose power is Dominion? Denathrius.

Denathrius used Orbs of Dominion to move all the pieces into place. Truly a dangerous opponent…

She was a treacherous elf and died a peasant’s death.


Well, Xal’atath has some dumb line about Cordana actually being a traitor for centuries. But it really doesn’t make any sense with what happened in WoD so you can take it as truth or just consider it Knaifu spouting nonsense as far as I’m concerned.

As for why we killed her rather than saving her? Because Blizzard doesn’t care about whether it makes sense for us to kill people half the time. In fact, half the crap the player characters do seems counter intuitive to being a hero and keeping Azeroth safe at the end of the day. So much of the plot for the last several expansions has been contingent on the PC and other lore character simply being stupid.


She was working under AU Gul’dan so she likely could’ve given us insight on information pertaining to the Legion’s plans. Jesus, you guys are kinda cold. I mean I’m not broken up over her death. I was okay with her character I guess, I just thought it was weird how we didn’t do much to help her as it felt more like she wasn’t in her right mind.

Yeah that sounds like a load of crap and more like Blizz just wanted to get rid of this character. It just screams “Oh no she was always evil. Don’t worry about it. She was nobody and no one will mourn her.” Which is technically true I guess XD

I’ve always found Cordana to be a sad case.
She’s a pretty good of example of a weird problem WoW has.

That problem being: “How do we deal with culpability in a fantasy world where an evil rock can fundamentally change you as a person?”

Like, sure, Cordana wasn’t mind controlled. Everything she did, she did willingly.

But, her fundamental personality changed because she licked a magic orb.

And when we get down to the nitty gritty, what’s the difference between mind control, and mind alteration?

I mentally dominate Fred and force him to kill his brother.
I beam murderous intent into Fred’s mind so that he wants to kill his brother.
Sounds like Option 2 is just Option 1 with more steps.

So it always felt weird to me that Cordana was treated as a traitor instead of a victim.


Garona was truly mind controlled. Cordana joined the Legion for power. There is a BIG difference between the two. Side note, we do say night elves that end up corrupted by the Legion: Priestess Driana - Wowpedia - Your wiki guide to the World of Warcraft (fandom.com)

She kinda spent some time with Khadgar, snapped after seeing our epic ring, got some fel juice from Gul’Dan and went all dark on us.
Huh, that can be taken weirdly.


Weren’t Cordana and Garona both controlled by the Orb Of Dominion?

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Driana is dead also:

Due to the Orb of Dominion’s influence, Gul’dan was able to corrupt Cordana from afar.

I don’t understand why you think she wasn’t controlled and corrupted by Gul’dan when she was when she was going to get rid of the orb of domination.


Take anything Xal’atath says with a grain of salt at least. Too many WoW fans latch onto Void prophecies these days.

When I saw Cordana hold the Orb in WoD, I thought to myself “Maybe handling a warlock’s mind-control tool with your bare hands is a bad idea.” Turns out I was right.


It really feels like Xal’atath just says she was probably secretly evil all along cuz some intern pointed out that outright killing someone who was MCed seems ridiculously evil

“Wait, why does she die at the end of the dungeon? Wasn’t she mind controlled by Gul’dan?”
“Uhh… no no no she was secretly always on the Legion’s side! Her just turning on Khadgar when she held the Orb of Domination in WoD was just a crazy coincidence. Here, we’ll have Xal’atath say some voice line! That’ll fix it!”

There is so much crap like this in the recent lore its nauseating.

OH! I just remembered another thing. In the audio novel lead up to Legion, Maieve straight up blames KHADGAR for Cordanna going evil because he put her at risk of being MCed. Just another point in favor of Xal’atath’s line being a post-hoc cleanup job for a part of the story that the devs were too lazy to rewrite a bit.


she helped gul’dan get illidan’s body and then stuck around to kill us when we investigated slash went inside to clear the place out. like, it was clear she wanted to kill you, so it very much seemed like a kill or be killed situation.

Priestess Alun’za in Atal’Dazar is even worse in this regard.