Why cant we leave valor system alone?

I wasn’t aware that the new gearing system hid players’ IO scores from me or forced me to accept the first four people who apply.

IO isn’t perfect, but it’s a decent enough matchmaker that it is rare for players to break into keys above their skill level without some sort of intervening benefactor. I was under the impression that’s why people were upset in the first place - because without the ability to run +20s whenever they wished their gearing opportunities would be hindered compared to someone who can. Attractive loot being in higher levels may mean that more lower skilled players apply to those groups, but it doesn’t mean they actually get in.

Though to be honest, I would say that it’s a good thing if more players are encouraged to chase stretch goals and reach outside of their normal comfort zone for runs. Skill level is not static and the best way to grow it is not to smash +2s over and over with Netflix on the second monitor.

Right… And if the only joy you get in Wow is keeping high ilvl gear out of the hands of low skilled players, even though you still perform MUCH higher than them… Maybe those players should quit.

Oh this is fun.

As an added bonus, players might actually be able to see mechanics in baby keys again, so they will have the opportunity to learn what the dungeon does before they hit +10.

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Luckily I have a group of friends that spam keys together just sending +10s on day one lol first day the mega Kara dungeon came out we had 50 full wipes but beat it :joy::sweat_smile:

Me and Capslock actually on the same side about something. You don’t see that every day.

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I think we have some similar ideas about the design, but diverge on details.

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I think I’ll be just fine. The joy I get from WoW comes from running dungeons and raids with my guild. I don’t actually care that much about what gear people who aren’t in my guild are getting. That’s one of the reasons carrys existing doesn’t bother me that much. Someone else being carried and getting BiS gear doesn’t change my experience raiding with my guild. I would raid even if there was no loot because that’s what I enjoy doing.

None of that means that I don’t have an opinion on how WoW should approach gearing. Just because I would continue to play WoW even if gear didn’t exist doesn’t mean I think that WoW should actually abolish gear. In the same vein, I can say that I don’t care what gear strangers get while still saying that as a general rule, it should not be possible to get powerful gear from running trivial content.

You’re getting baited. Just ignore the “gear envy/gear elitism” argument. It has nothing to do with deserving vs not deserving so much as encouraging people to engage with content that is challenging for them with players at their skill level. The new system has a proper player funnel, moving players towards their sweet spot. Players have the most fun when they are overcoming challenging content AND getting meaningful upgrades from said content.

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I think I missed the news. What’s happening to Valor?

All they need to do now is change the crafted gear back to 418 +26

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Bigger news than one can realistically communicate in a single forum post.

Long story short, end-game gearing in all of WoW is getting overhauled into a single system, which means Valor is now redundant. You can get some more details here.

Thanks for the info.

I dont care what system they introduce. I just want them to make sure there’s no loopholes. Becoz if someone discovers them, they would abuse it over and over.

But I think Valor upgrades help weak M score players to get their keys done. If you take out this, the low key players would be on their own. Me, I dont mind doing low keys right now from time to time. My objective is just to get Valor points no matter where I get them… high keys or low keys. But if you strict me of just doing the high keys, I would still be fine with it… but the low M score players would have a harder time to get their keys done as there would be fewer players doing them as the high M scores wont play with them anymore.

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Yes, not much change there. However, you can’t spam 2s for BiS anymore.

Blizzard has defined their 3 pillars of end-game content as those activities (Raid, M+, PvP).

You can’t spam 2’s for BiS right now either.
ilvl 395 is the highest you can upgrade without M+ rating.
Last I checked, that is nowhere near BiS ilvl.

And frankly I’m tired of hearing people spew that talking point that is patently false.

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That is exactly what the key selling groups want.

And they should be equally rewarding. But we can’t have that. If we did, a raid logger might have to queue a battleground and a pvp lobby player might be “forced” to do a dungeon.

That shouldn’t happen if the 3 pillars are independently “equally rewarding.” Everyone would just get gear from their preferred end-game pillar.

That has happened in the past when Blizz made a BiS item for one pillar only available from another pillar. A misguided attempt at cross-pollination that I hope they never try again. BiS items for a particular pillar should always come from that pillar.

Can I join your guild? Been without a guild since forever and friends looks like are skipping 10.1. trust me pugging to ksm on non meta isn’t easy

You’d have to talk to my guild leader about that. I’m not sure how much she’d like me recruiting random people from the forums. I think we have recruitment pages on both WoWProgress and the in-game guild finder.

I’m surprised you described yourself as non-meta though… I’m assuming from your profile that you’re Feral, same as me. And we happen to be living in the only time in my memory where Feral actually IS meta for dungeons.

Mostly play on my warrior or pally. Maybe my hunter really want to try DH but after a while it felt meh