Why can't void elves be paladins?

if even light-forged draenei can be warlocks now, which is something surreal… why not void elf paladins?


Works for me.

Because they haven’t developed a Charger mount for them yet. They’ve already stated that the reason classes like Paladin, Druid, and Shaman are taking longer is because those classes have race-specific assets that need to be made.

I’m going to laugh though when V.Elf Paladins are a thing and their mount is Void-themed. The H.Elf folks are going to spam the forums demanding that Blizzard give them a another Charger mount that isn’t Void-themed because they’re super special and deserve to get twice as many Charger mounts than other races.


Void Elves will eventually be able to be Paladins.

The most constant thing about the Void Elves will be their inconstancy.

“For the Alliance!”
“No, wait, now we’re Horde.”
“Alliance 4 Lyfe!”
“Light? Eww… Void? Heck yeah!”
“Actually, wait…”



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I want the velf paladin trainer to be bffs with Liadrin for the extra absurdity

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We’re getting Void Paladins and I’m all for it. When paladins become available to all races. I am race changing my human to one or maybe to a Kul’tiran or Worgen… Dang I have three great choices… Who to choose. A bestial warrior with a British accent or a fat giant with one… then again a British elf with a dark nature is neat…

i just wanted a “high elf” paladin in the alliance

I think the best way for them to really open up all classes for all races is to take advantage of the glyph system and give (optional) spell recolours to various races, especially priests and paladins. It’s a pretty good solution to match lore and prevent homogenization of the races, because lorewise even the draenei should have different coloured Light than humans or dwarves.


not only should the Mount be Void-themed, their abilties should be Void-themed as well.

even if it means it takes longer to develop.


Eventually they will be, but this takes work and it’s not going to be done all at once.

I totally agree. I think they’ve watered down the Void aspect of the race too much. I would like to see them lean harder into the aesthetic and give the V.Elves MORE Void-themed customization and their Paladin charger should be Void-themed.

Getting some kind of Void-themed spell effects would be a cherry on top for me.


imagine the paladin’s purple wings

Look, if they’re willing to slap void visuals on paladin spells for a single race only, I’d rather they spent that time adding void-themed customizations to Void Elves.

Conversely, if we get a void paladin glyph that makes spells and mounts void themed, then awesome. As long as its open to every race because there’s no reason for that to be Void Elf exclusive.


of course it should be open to every race.

but VE Paladins and Priests shouldn’t have Light animations, it makes no sense.


It’s Blizzard they would make it for all the races. Now that every race can be paladins.

The two choices:

  • Tyr’s Hand

  • Holy Ethereal trainer

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Hear me out…

A void charger infused with light?

The very paradox that defines a void elf paladin would also define their charger mounts.

A sect of void elves that realized the void wasn’t worth it, or a group so power hungry they would dominate two opposite forces.

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Undead feel pain because the Light is deliberately trying to burn away the Nathrezim taint from the Undead while replacing it so that the Undead are mow animated with a combination of Light, Maldraxxi Death, Purple Mueh’zala aligned Death and Mawsworn Death. Archbishop Faol had used the Light for so long any Revendreth taint was long gone.

A Lightforged Warlock is a being of the Light willingly trying to use the Void so the Light wouldn’t go into a panic by exploding in it’s presence(I.E. initiate the Light’s Reckoning) like it did when Turalyon walked through Alleria’s Void Portal without realizing what it was.

Just to note: the Lightforged Draenei who willingly walked through a Void Portal were merely unsettled by the experience and not showing any pain so any Light User deliberately trying to use Void will not be harmed by the experience.

The Light will probably attempt the same thing to the Void Elf it does to Undead: purge and replace that which it loathes.

Void Elf Paladins would be equal parts funny and stupid.

Here, we have a group of elves that was so enamored with the power the void offered they were willing to risk exile and alienation from their kin, only to then turn back to wielding the light as Paladins do?

And then you might say, “They wouldn’t wield light, they would wield the void,” to which I will remind you that is not a Paladin.

Side-note: Who even knows if opening up race/class limitations is still on Blizzard’s agenda after the departure of Brian Holinka.