Why cant they start maintenance at midnight?

All loops back to Day Shift.

Even when it was evening shift, I knew it was Day Shift!


This quote exactly.

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you act like this isn’t actually a thing. Many companies that provide a service have to do all their updates after working hours. which would happen to be at midnight. this is not uncommon at all.


Never seen that, not even once.

As far as I know they’re not adding anything to the game, no patch or bugfix, so why the 6+ hour maintenance? I never got that, it would be cool if our sub time was paused during it too, so it’s not just stolen time, some of us have their only weekend on tuesdays.

Welp, just so you know, according to this post there’s another one planned this week, so… be prepared!

Because they don’t care or think about anyone else, just themselves.


I mean sure, I wanna play too, but I wanna play a working game as well.

When has there ever been a six hour maintenance? Today took an hour.
Also, you have no damned clue what is or is not being added in to the game when they do server fixes.
I mean jesus christ dude, even the mess of a lauch for WoD was not a 6 hour maintenance, let alone standard Tuesday fixes.

It’s midnight for me right now :slight_smile: Thx blizz!

Well obvious reason… Midnight for you could very well be midnight for the developers implementing the patch… so if you’re sleeping… they may be sleeping

Secondly, no matter what time you patch you’re going to interrupt somebody it’s the way of online.

It isn’t midnight somewhere.

You want them to come in at midnight to work just so your day off isn’t lost? What about their lives.

Uhh it’s still in maintenance.

Could be anything, be cool to know though.

WoD launch took about 2 days to even get in, you’re remembering it wrong, also 6 hour maintenances do happen every now and then for tuesday fixes.

servers still down rn ? when i log in it saids server incompatible? :open_mouth:

developers are human beings too. it’s a video game. dont make them work overnight for a video game, dude. theyre allowed to work normal hours too.

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Why can’t they schedule around MY time?!

They did. It’s midnight somewhere.

Because it’s the prime time to do maintenance. Normally people are working during the day.