Why are Shaman's so overtone?

Why Blizzard… can’t you get ur game right. Their damage is on par with TBC numbers.

Why are utility spells hitting so hard? I just got earth shocked for 1481 and thats on the low end, damage wise. No way their shocks should hit that hard.

Yesterday, I got hit for 2.6k LB… lighting shield hitting for 300 a tick is not right, neither.

Just in case you couldn’t see it… the one class i hate most in classic are sham’s. lol


Funny enough, a topic such as this was the norm in vanilla forums.


Dude, c’mon… you have to admit the numbers you see are a bit over the top.

Please… for my sanity. lol

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Sure, high burst is the value of shaman in PVP. Mages have ridiculous CC and high burst themselves if they spec right.

Regardless, it’s 15 years too late to start advocating for balance changes for this version of WoW.


Sham’s were no where near as powerful as they are now in vanilla… no where. Their damage is TBC like.

Im not talking about high burst… I know all about mages. Utility spells never hit as hard as they hit now. Seeing 1k+ shocks in vanilla were super rare. In fact, I cant remember if I ever seen those numbers.

I have played sham’s on private vanilla servers and their numbers dont reach the numbers they reach here on classic.

I beg to differ. I remember similar complaints during vanilla. The EM ES CL batch window was as commonly known and used back then. If anything, players as a whole are better geared today as they have a better understanding of stat priority and raid gear is being obtained by a higher percentage of players



You can search old vanilla videos. The damage compares exactly the same as is common today.


inb4 bunch of horde get all MUUUUUHHH paaaaaaladins on you


Im not talking about the high burst…

Im talking about normal numbers being too damn high. Just a regular damn shock, it too damn hard and that just isnt right.

Check the above links. Earth Shock is more than an “utility” spell. It’s also a tool for damage.

You know Frost Shock hits hard too and has a slow?

Learn to stand further than 20 yards away and you’ll find better success.

I did say “shocks are hitting too hard”…

Sham’s dont even need to cast… just shock on cd and let ur lighting shield kill anyone. Heal in between if you have too… that just aint right.

Oh, and dont even get me started on grounding totem some how magically absolving multiple casts at a time.

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So, you’re moving away from numbers not matching vanilla and now just complaining about Shaman as a whole?

That’s fair. I suggest you accept it and learn how to counter play. No use complaining without being willing to improve your own play.


I know ur smarter then that… if you can’t see what I’m trying to say.

The irony.

Stand further than 20 yards away so you aren’t interrupted. Use CS which has further than 20 yard range to silence them and use poly to shut them down.

Be aware of grounding totem. Don’t fall for the bait, use fire blast or wand to defuse it.

Mage play is all about managing your range between you and your target. You have snares, poly/frost nova and blink. Git gud.


One word…

Qq improved counterspell


I played an ele shaman in vanilla. It’s literally the exact same. You’re just bad, good day.

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You did no such thing… I mean, if mages were overtone I wouldn’t feel bad, too admit it. Whats wrong with you guys… nothing is going to change now. You all will be alright. =)


If i was using a color changing conditioner i would let you know too.

yeah they are a little broken to be honest but god forbid a pally gets a break and finds a way to make reckoning work a little bit better and they crush that and break reckoning when shamans are like getting the double crit bug and blizzard is blind lol.


I wouldnt mind shamans being that stronge but blizzard nerf my class and broke my talent so i think they should fix the shamans who use the bug in the game. Think its were you use the spell that gives your next spell a crit but its giving 2 crits at the same time. while recking isnt working like it was before lol.


Ya thats a bit F’d up. Blizz shouldnt be making ANY balance changes unless they were somewhat vanilla like but they should leave the class balance EXACTLY as 1.12