Why are quests not voice acted?

Just curious at to why you have to read everything instead of it being voice acted and immersive questing?

Its really annoying when you read through so much quest text to try and get some story out of it and then you stumble upon some random journal page in the desert THAT IS FULLY VOICE ACTED?!

It makes the quests a little lame when some things have voice acting and then the main quest line doesn’t. lol


That added a lot to my frustration! lol I Was excited to find that addon before realizing it was murdered.

Im on a quest right now where you read all this vulpera quest text and are given a task to go find some journal pages belonging to someone named Rakera, and as you find the pages Rakera reads them out! AND THESE PAGES ARE FULLY VOICE ACTED!
Its engaging and makes you want to stop and
listen to them and find out what happened to this person!

You turn in that same quest and its back to reading quest text… I hate it! Especially when you are being presented with how awesome it can be with the voice acting, just for it to be taken away! Its frustrating.

Voice Actors charge money.


So does blizzard. $15 + expansion costs + in game shop.

They could afford it or just allow the voice acted quest addon… or go the lazy route which would still be more than they do now with just the text and have one voice do everything… id be happy with that.

I dont see any reason why you wouldn’t fully voice act your quests especially in an expansion in 2018-2019. Its just lazy and makes the story telling a chore to go through.

A company having a lot of money does not mean they have an unlimited budget.

If you dont think BLIZZARD could do voice acting easily with minimal effort then you are a crazy person. Its Blizzard… they have voice acting in their games but they refuse to add it to the quest text. Thats the issue.

Its a flawed decision… not a budget issue. Not a design issue. Its a bad decision issue. They choose to not add it to the quest text out of some asinine decision making imo.

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It is indeed a budget thing.

“Hey should we spend millions on adding voice lines to the quests?”

“Will that make people pay attention to the text?”

“Probably not.”

let this sink in. Runescape added fully voice acted quests to their game. lol
Runescape! Who has the bigger budget? The bigger team? The bigger everything? Ding ding ding Blizz! Who doesnt have common additions to their game that is now standard in this generation?? Ding ding ding right again! Blizzard!

But yea… budget. Poor blizz cant add voice acting due to their shoe string budget. Yet a game like RS3 with 200k concurrent players a month can… aight. lol

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How many quests?

I wouldn’t call it shoe string, but it is a thing.

Almost all of their quests are now voice acted. They even revamped their entire starting area… redid the entire thing.

Rs and WoW are different things… but if RS3 can do that much work by adding voice acting to all of their old and new quests with only a 200k player base and charging half the sub fee that WoW does… i mean come on man. The least Blizz can do is add voice acting to their new expansions! Its sooooo lazy not to.

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Or they can spend their budget on graphics and art, Runescape chose voice acting.

Runescape chose all three actually. They revamped the art, they redid the quest design, and they added voice acting.

Idk what baffles me more… blizz not adding voice acting that literally every game has as a feature to progress their story or someone defending them for ommiting a common practice feature that should be in their games…

I havent even talked about how the story progress and cutscenes are locked behind rep grind. What a fart in the face to the people playing.
Im having fun with the game since there is so mich content ive missed, but I do not see how the people who have played for so long have stayed subbed… its so mediocre.

And the arguement of budget is moot. They stopped an addon from even voicing the text! The excuse they had was it added to their in game performance. Yet there is no performance! Its just text! MMOs should have both voice acting and text you can find within the world… I mean come on.

Every elderscrolls game has had both. Why cant an expansion for WoW have it? Youre paying $40 for the expansion + monthly game time! There is no reason and no excuse to not have it in the game… again, its lazy and a bad decision.

Quick edit: also, on the art thing… the new areas look good… but they havent done anything to the old ones since the last time they updated the graphics… so you make a new character and the areas look like pixelated dog barf.
When you level up you slowly find your way into newly upgraded graphical areas lol. So the budget for art is a moot point too. How about redo the art on everything? Not just the one new area? Its weird. You go from ps1 graphics to ps3 within 10 levels. Lol
Its not really a problem cause w/e but you brough the art thing up so thought id mention that.


They may have gone through a graphics overhaul but they’re not up there with WoW’s.

I have no idea what the latter has to do with the first.

You have no idea what you’re talking about.

And ramble a whole lot about… nothing.

As much as I’d love to have everything voice acted, it’d be incredibly costly to go back and voice every single one of the thousands of quests in the game with unique voices for each unique NPC.

I do like that they’re voicing more stuff, however. The “random” journal pages in Vol’dun were actually quite important to the entire questline of the zone, so voicing them as they have done with other important stuff is fantastic. Just wish the War Campaign wasn’t as choppy with its voice acting.

I want Azshara to voice act everything

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No I absolutely agree with you. Im saying there is no reason BFA shouldn’t have been voice acted.

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I think it’d be a bit overboard to voice the entirety of all the quest text, though it would be cool.

Blizz likes to focus more on endgame stuff like raiding, and put the leveling experience and RP stuff on the wayside in favor of them, unfortunately.

Its a feature a lot of people want… they refuse to do it and then refuse addons for the people that want it? lol Thats so lame tbh. They need to add it or allow others to add voice to the already existing text… No reason not to.
They should focus on every aspect of the expansion… not just the raiding… if people are paying for it they need to work on the entire experience not just the end game… what happened to quality? Excellence? Curating a great experience from start to finish within a game? No reason not to work on those things and add features from here on out that they didnt in the past…

You have mastered the art of adding nothing to a conversation. Grats on that. You say budget but they didnt need a budget for the community to add voice just to the text. So that point is moot… RS3 graphics is better optimized than WoW graphics. So youre wrong there too… You must be thinking of osrs.

You cant say I dont know what im talking about then proceed to say nothing about why… lol

You mentioned art… I said they havent updated the art to anything other than new expac which is a given… lol?

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I do agree, they need to focus on more aspects of the game than just raiding. The leveling experience suffers greatly from the lack of love put into it, particularly the lower levels. They didn’t do back with making the zones interesting this time around, but it felt very unrewarding to level up.

Heck, though, I’d honestly voice a character for them for twenty bucks and milkshake if it’d make the questing in a zone more interesting for levelers.

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And thats my entire thought process.

I hated that on my first 120 1/3 of the way through i just started blazing through everything and stopped reading cause it got minotonous… anytime a voice acting part or cutscene would come up id listen and then watch youtube videos to listen to the story of the lore of the zone…

It reminds me of destiny… you pkay through it and it was poop… you had to read all of the things in order to understand it… but even that had voice acting for the npc’s abd quests! lol but you had to watch lore videos of destiny to understand anything…

I just want that experience within the game and it stinks Blizz refuses to do it abd the refuses to let others do it. :frowning:

Right now im going through the Horde side and only plahing the character when i feel like reading a lot. lol

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