Why are premades being placed against pugs?

Completely unplayable


The solution is simple. Blizzard, you have to separate the queues so that premades fight other premades and pugs fight pugs. It is only fair. This will result in more fun and competitive spirit amongst all PVPers; stomps due to unfair advantages of one team should not be rewarded on the level they are currently. You MUST respond to this issue.


agree. that swhats wrong with todays palyerbase. someone gives you advise on how to be better and you nerdrage at him.


they have to premade to stand a chance against a level 92 warlock

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Yo people this is Vanilla and from day 1 Blizzard said they will keep it authentic to the original game. Guess what? Vanilla isn’t that great of a experience!! The game was seriously flawed and exploits were abound. If you play horde and are here complaining about ANYTHING then I recommend you stop with your complaining because Vanilla wow was built for the horde.

I play both factions (Yes in classic, yes on the same server and YES I have 2 freaking accounts) and I will tell you from experience this whole game was handed to the horde on a silver platter. When I’m playing on my horde toons don’t even mess with me because I will tear you apart yet if I’m playing on my alliance toons I’m every bodies b**ch.

Don’t like seeing premades in BG’s? Well guess what? I don’t like playing 10 sessions of AV on alliance and losing 10 sessions of AV. If I want to win in BG’s I PLAY THE HORDE!!! Oh so guess what? Alliance will make premades because nobody likes to lose and as Alliance make premades horde will follow with their own premades so what do we do?? Personally I think there are much bigger issues that need to be fixed in classic and if they are going to start changing the game then they should be as follows:

  1. Balance the factions!!! All the juice the early developers gave the horde should either be taken away or give the same abilities to the alliance. I get a lovely 2 min combat racial on my horde toon while on my alliance toon I get a BROKEN 5 min trinket that also takes up a equipment slot (F***ing bogus). Developers added in increased damage and less spell push back for horde players. Resources are easier to gain while playing horde. Don’t believe me? Open up STV as a herbalist. Notice how a majority of herbs are centered around Grom’ gol?? OH lets not forget NPC’s right? You can walk right into the middle of numerous Alliance hubs (Morgans vigil, Rebel camp) and slaughter alliance to your hearts content and nothing will happen to you. You can even stand outside of Chillwind camp in WPL and mow those alliance players down and NOTHING will happen to you unless you get too close to Weldon Barov. Try that at any horde hub and you will have NPC’s coming at you and chasing you for a very long time if they actually don’t just kill you. Lets also not forget how the goblins in Booty bay and Gadget are repeatedly exploited for the horde advantage.

Fix those issues I just mentioned (They won’t) and then you can change whatever you like when it comes to how BG’s are formed for both factions…I would be TOTALLY be ok with it.

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You didn’t want it.

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I’m waiting for BC :slight_smile:

All I’m trying to say on this forum is that was not a good impression in to the premade scene. Maybe it’s different elsewhere, but that made me not want to contribute to it. I’d rather avoid those people, and enjoy my WoW time. <3.


what do you mean? you cant que as a group in pvp in classic.

thats actually not so simple to pull off
i mean, it can be done, but its pretty hard, and I’m honestly not sure if blizzard is capable of thinking up how to do it on their own

It has some mechanism in place to try to make sure each team has an equal number of premades. Very rarely will you see a full premade stomping a full pug.

And? Premades weren’t this prevalent in vanilla.

Blizzard has already made other changes to prevent premades, at this point it just needs to be a hard rule in the matching system.

Which is fine, that’s a lot better than nothing.

i doubt it would change much in classic

Except blizzard has been making changes to account for changes in player behavior.

Are they? Is it all or nothing?

In any game, is EVERY PLAYER on one side part of a premade, and EVERY PLAYER on the other side not part of a premade?

How do you know? How do you know they are premades?

It must be something really simple, since you claim that a computer program (programmed by Blizzard) could also “know”.

And don’t tell me “I know it’s a premade because they win”, while also saying “they win because it’s a premade”. That’s simply wrong. WInning in no way proves that “every one of us is part of a premade”.

Because that’s how it was in vanilla…

It’s not hard to figure out when you see everyone on one team from the same server and everyone on the other team from different servers.

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GIT GUD and join or make a premade yourself!

Imagine if they make a pug-vs-pug only system… low ranked premades would complain being pared to high ranked premades and low ranked pugs would complain being mismatched vs high rank pugs with healers… crying will never end. If you don’t like the game Go BaCK tO REtAiL LosEr!!!

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Typical elitist attitude that it’s your way only. That definitely the ugliest part of the WoW scene. Were people think it must be the way they play only, and no one else should enjoy themselves. Ugly trash mindset, and the kind of belief that makes games like this horrible for many to enjoy. Elitism is the cancer that rips communities apart.

Not all of us are mouth breathers. :wink: