Why are premades being placed against pugs?

good, go play retail.

That wont work with the honor system, and they wont change it till TBC drops.

The same reason why blizzard won’t fix AV map. Because it’s how it was in vanilla. Wsg and ab are for premades. If you want to pug go play av or do world pvp.

A little unbalance is what makes classic spicy. Otherwise it would be retail or any other games nowadays. Yes, will of the forsaken is pretty strong but so is priest dwarves’ fearward and so on so globally things are not that unbalanced when it comes to racials.

Your herbalism/Grom’gol comparison is not very convincing, especially since the plants you will find near Grom’Gol are not that great.

As for Chillwind camp in WPL, the bulwark is the equivalent of it horde side and it gets farmed by allies easy too. I would really like to know how Booty bay and Gadgtzan’s goblins can be exploited by hordes and not allies but you do not give any examples unfortunately.

Now, all of the above has nothing to do with the subject of this post. Alliance pugs face the same problem against premades. There you have the real unbalance of the game. Abusively unbalanced I should say. I like op description :it’s unplayable. It says it all.

@Schnitter : no need for a perfect system, but the very minimum is to separate pugs from premades. Right now it is like an Elephant fighting a mouse. And yeah, slow down your elitits insults.

@Trixxy : not only premading is abusive, it is also biased since some servers have a poor pvpers pools.

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Assuming they were to do this, how many players in the BG that joined as a group would count as a premade? Half? Two-thirds?

This has been discussed at length over multiple threads. The general consensus is to follow the precedent set by Blizzard with AV and allow a maximum group of 5 to queue together.

getting ROFL stomped as a horde player for 8 hrs straight with 3 matches that are winnable which were against pugs, then 2hr queue for AV. It’s a very hard life and extremely demotivating.


I actually just stopped this morning. Just had enough, and I lost all drive, and enjoyment left in Classic. I’ve been going hard at PvP for a long time, but it all started to wear on me. I’m returning in TBC for the Arena, and PvP Vendors. In its current state, it’s unbearable.

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Go to retail.

I know Blizzard won’t make a change in this regard, but I also know I really enjoyed pug vs pug BGs back in the day.

Unfortunately, based on the facts, it means I won’t play BGs. That’s just how it is my guy. Vanilla actually wasn’t that great. I just do other things instead to pass the time.

To the people saying they’re waiting for TBC, what makes you think that’s going to be any better?

  • Horde still have OP racials
  • BE paladin has Seal of Blood (good), Alliance has Seal of Vengeance (not good)
  • BE in general have some of the most powerful racials in game
  • Draenei by comparison have trash racials
  • LW will be required of all raiding members in any guild who calls themselves hardcore
  • Warriors will be insanely OP with Stormherald stun proc and Mace spec stun proc
  • Blizzard will still support the existence of super servers, so farming spots like the elemental plateau will be a nightmare, prices of those items will be sky high

Blizzard is too afraid to stand up to their playerbase to make good faith changes to this game. I used to be #NoChanges, I’m not anymore, but I also know that Blizzard has no intention of spending labor hours on anything other than pre-launch development.

MMOs are a dead market, they’re not going to fix anything. I’m excited that we’re progressing through the Classic life cycle, so that when the end of Wrath comes, I can set down WoW for good and all chapters of it will be closed to me.

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stop crying, please…

go cry in all of Brutallis’ posts with him cuz thats all he does all day is complain about premades too

why don’t you fight me like a man you pretend warrior, stop hiding behind that perfect comp with the 4 healers you keep running back to when you get wrecked and take your chances like the horde does. maybe you’ll actually get better

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They always run from a fair fight in a premade, but man do I love picking these losers off when they straggle behind their safety net.

Like that slow fat rhino on Jumanji who falls behind. People say PvP isn’t about 1v1. I say it is… especially when a destroy a premader that doesn’t have his friends to keep him going.

yeah you pay my sub then I will go to retail, come come come, take out your wallet and pay for me. Now, right now.

I’m solving your problem for ya.

Your problem is not my problem. :slight_smile:

well your problem is also not my problem, I didn’t ask you, you are not Blizzard, I am asking blizzard :slight_smile:

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Sounds like that’s a you problem. Not a blizzard problem.


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Yet it isnt authentic, where’s the rest of vanilla that we are missing ???

There’s contructive criticism and then there’s toxicity.

I repeat, there is contructive criticism, and then there’s “advice”.

Battlegrounds are objectively not about 1v1s, that said if I see you 1v1ing someone in a BG i’ll respect it.