Why are people excited for the stress test?

Ok ok, I wont have fun.
Sir yes sir.

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Ah, correct, mb.

So then speak only for yourself, because we’re gonna make it a heck of a lot of fun.


but you wont because you wont be able to login.

Jeez! I already said I wouldnt have fun! I pray for beta but I can only play the un-fun Stress Test. Dont worry, I’ll show up on time!

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Literally nothing in the post you linked says that, and a blue replied in that same thread to confirm the opposite WoW Classic Stress Test 1 - #86 by Bornakk

To make Azeroth great again.

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sorry bud. FOR THE HORDE

I think it’s just for the lols, and to be a part of a community event…? No doubt the streamers will be doing something in the test.

Because there’s going to be some zerg wars/noob city raids going on (and the nostalgic music).


I doubt you can really get to the opposing factions city in a matter of 2 hours being as there will be massive delay server crashes and a lot of deaths trying to get over there. as for the music, well i have youtube

Why shouldn’t someone be excited to help in any kind of test for a game they enjoy and genuinely want to be released in the best state possible.
Now if you aren’t someone who cares about that then maybe you wouldn’t be.

Depending on how this is interpreted it sounds like the stress test server is available for 24 hours?

(“We’ll be performing our first stress test for WoW Classic on Wednesday, May 22, from 4–6pm PDT. During this time, the closed beta test realm will be unavailable… …The stress test realm itself will be available until Thursday, May 23 (becoming unavailable around 6:00pm PDT”) WoW Classic Stress Test 1

And youtube ruins my immersion it’s not the same. Listened to the OG org theme enough on YT I need the real thing to feel alive again.

what theyre saying there is the stress test is going to go on from 4-6 and anyone with the beta will have access to it for 24 hrs if im not mistaken. now if it is for a full day ill withdraw most of my complaints. however i dont believe thats the case

All I got from this post is, “Whaaaaa I didn’t get a Beta invite! Whaaaa!”

then you clearly have the literacy of a 5 year old.

chill. we plai soon

You misunderstood the post then. 4-6pm is a SPECIFIC time period that they will be monitoring the servers. That’s it. Beyond that, the server will stay up until Thursday ~6pm. It’s a full 24 hours. Not much. But it’s something.

“I’m in the stress test, why can’t I be in the closed beta, whaaaa”

with that then i guess have fun for your 26 hours. gratz on getting in. still find it mildly insulting that they dont allow for any beta access to those who help them test the servers