Why are people buying gold?

Because farming sucks and gold is cheap /endthread

Basically this. On a good day, boosting nets me about 400gph, I’ll even low ball it and say 300gph, which is just over three hours for 1k gold.

A lot of the player base are grown adults with careers, buying the gold is just a better investment of time for them.

I am also convinced that “/roll 100” is being manipulated to produce too many 99s and 100s for the most coveted drops. Maybe it is a script that enters text with the same color used for system messages, so every player is fooled. How would they know? For example, there are usually ~8 who roll on Primal Hakkari Idols each ZG run. I see one 99 or 100 or both at least once each ZG run, yet that chance of either number showing up in any run = (2*8)/100 = 16% = once in 6.25 runs. Get it? There is more shadiness going on than just gold buying. Characters move under the map and through ropes or walls. Characters teleport to instance bosses, some able to farm a boss from a safe distance without triggering perma-avoid. Many without a ban. It is what it is.

I can still call them cheaters since its against ToS, and judge them very harshly yes. The comment I offer is stop being lazy or get out of our game. It makes it worse for everyone else who isn’t ok with cheating. People are pretty comfortable with it since the WoW Token became a thing though so i guess its kind of a grey area nowadays. Call me old school but I always thought it pretty degenerate to pay-to-win in video games.


It wouldnt be if they were banned like they used to be. If you your 50+ days played or w/e gets jacked by blizzard because you bought gold instead of farming. Farming looks pretty efficient and a smart investment imo. However I maintain this ideal kind of knowing people seem to be getting away with it just fine sooooo excuse me while I go die on this hill over here…

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Gold buying exists because Blizzard doesn’t do their job.


It’s just not going to happen. 20 years ago when they cared about having a quality game sure but today when they care about sub counts and money that’s just wishful thinking.

If they banned everyone who botted/bought gold they’d lose millions of dollars annually. They are not going to do that.

I have never bought gold…I wouldn’t know where to look. I quit classic 3 months after launch. My lvl 50 has less then 2g I remember struggling to afford training thank gawd my mount was free.
I came back on New Years to reroll on a new server…my lvl 17 has 11g thanks to selling lowbie reagents on AH …I can afford my training but…I can’t afford any gear from AH and I’m rolling around in white and lvl 10 greens.
Gold is a bad design…quest rewards don’t match economy. Your out of luck if your new or haven’t been playing.
I’d probably buy gold if I got frustrated enough.

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With the WoW token well it’s part of Retail. So if people want to buy it there that’s their prerogative. It does make it “acceptable” in Retail to buy the tokens (gold). Does it still make it “Pay to Win”? Yes it can, but since it’s part of Retail it is what it is.

Tokens aren’t in Classic so buying gold is always breaking the TOS. It’s just that a blind eye is often turned towards it and the symptom (botting) is slowly treated as well so it’s a mess.

I’ve known a lot of people who buy gold and I like many of them as people (and I won’t say this stuff to their face and take a “you can do what you want” attitude with that considering everything) but yes the excuse is always “I’m busy so I’m buying it as I don’t have the time” or “it’s cheap and not worth my time to get it when I can make way more working.” Both the people who buy it and who support those who buy it have these excuses and I will call them excuses as in Classic buying gold is always breaking the TOS.

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This is an interesting grey area. There is a gap between players who played before WoW filled up with microtransactions such as the token. Buying gold was frowned upon in general.

In classic this mentality is slowly being chipped away by players who are used to paying for gold and those of us who enjoy the RPG value of working for your items.


Both true but doesn’t address the point of having gold, cheap or not.

Why bother with farming gold in Classic? The most common answer I hear is for top tier raid pots…or TBC prep. Mounts…but thats not a huge deal.

Few gold sinks as it is, on top of that.

So inflating the AH with wow goblin hot tips seems to be another pastime…and to what end?

In other words: the economy would be fine if people stopped literally inflating the perceived value of pots, mats and gold.

Are you intentionally being this thick or does it come naturally?

Naxx is expensive, regardless of if you are on a mega server or not. There are also plenty of other things people need gold for, especially if they play more than just one character. Other players want to dump gold to skip leveling via boosting, and people go to GDKPs to gear their characters out too.

Gold sinks in game are tiny and negligible. But for everything else, gold is required. It didn’t happen with people buying gold and thus the demand for more gold causing others to buy, the need for gold caused people to sell gold.

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Blizzard doesn’t do anything about it. The market prices aren’t high because of gold buying… it’s because on mega servers you have too many people and not enough resources. So the demand is through the roof and the supply hasn’t changed to meet it. The more people want a thing the more you can charge for it.

You can’t change this though because on servers like mine where we have a vanilla like population the economy is awesome. If you changed the supply it would happen on all servers causing normal pop server economies to collapse.

The only solution to your inflation is to move to a server with a population closer to vanilla numbers. I have no problem farming herbs and black lotus. Their is plenty of RTV out there too. I know most of the farmers on my server because we all see each other when farming. I bet you couldn’t keep up with that many names on a mega server.

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Gold selling would happen regardless of a need. It happened in vanilla and it’ll happen 20 years from now. The difference is blizzard did something about it back then. They don’t care now.


A lot of people are, from what I have seen. There are quite a few players whose preferred version of the game is TBC.

I’m a bit dense, true. Working on it.

I guess I never consider paying for boosts, and underestimate the value that is to others – which points to a flaw in the game design if people pay more real life $$$ to avoid game content they already sub for.

I’m probably missing some joyful aspect of paying to complete some BiSed out alt, instead of - you know - playing the game.

I also think that Naxx isn’t for everyone and I’ve definitely raided less and less…not caring about that last tiny stat bump enough.

However, even if I did, I would prefer to own the journey of preparing and completing the raid using my Alchemy skills and efforts instead of paying anyone.

I learned something, so thank you.

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Boosting can be stamped out quite easily, but blizzard is unwilling.

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This seems like a bit of a political point, imo. That is, whether level boosting (i.e. having higher level characters run lower level characters through instances to rapidly gain levels) should be a part of the game.

The way they seem to have dealt with it in Retail is to offer Level Boosts through the Blizzard store.

Agree to disagree. A lower level character literally have zero involvement in running a dungeon should not get XP from it. I mean, the word “experience” still has meaning to some. Allowing boosting like we see is so far removed from any semblance of RPG, to the point of absurdity.

Experience should be gained by doing, not watching, if they are even thought to be watching.

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With what?