Why are people buying gold?

Seriously. Whats the point with inflating the market in Classic? Its crazy.

Stop buying gold and just play. Yeah, without the top consumes. Youll be fine.



  1. Its faster
  2. More convenient
  3. People have the disposable income to do so

Faster…what race are they running? Are people treating Classic as some TBC prepatch?

Convenient…to what end? You still have to raid if you think the win is top gear. Why even play?

Disposable income…sad use these days imho.

  1. Faster for what ever they want. Thats not your place to say

  2. More convient than farming it out. Theres just no arguement there. They still have to do the raid yes, but now they dont have to spend hours grinding the gold. And the convenience is for them.

  3. Its still their disposable income and they can use it for whatever they want. You can judge them however you want, but it’s their money to use as they want. You should only offer comment if theyre using literally all their money and not just dispoable income. Disposable incomes point is that is isnt needed Nd can be used on frivolous things


They want to raid but don’t want to spend the time it takes to farm 1k worth of gold in consumes every tuesday.


It is my place to say, and judge, gold buyers for inflating a Classic economy. :slight_smile: Its yours to defend them, too.

Unfortunately nobody will do anything about it, and TBC solutions for it will be temporary, and bypassed as always.

Citing high costs of consumes proves my point. There are more efficient consumes, cost wise, and prices would be fine without all the gold farming.

Blizzard should just sell the mats cheap on a vendor.

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Likewise in Shadowlands. People buying gold/level boosts, gear runs, etc. has always been a part of WoW.

If there was a reasonable way to prevent it, that’d be great, but there doesn’t seem to be.

Never spent a penny on gold and have raided on 2 characters for most of classic. What a drama queen.


So many bots, i never saw a black lotus in my life, its difficult to farm and boring.

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I imagine some are using it for simple things like an epic mount. I have 2 60’s and neither of them have an epic mount. I just don’t feel like spending the time farming to get one.


Well no. Games have rules and if you break those rules there should be consequences. In vanilla I often heard of people who had their account banned for buying gold. I haven’t heard of a single person banned for gold buying in classic.


Those of us who haven’t bought gold probably won’t, and those who do probably won’t be swayed by this post. Just join some big boy gdkp runs and leech some of that gold.

Obviosuly you have to follow rules.

I was talking under the points that:

  1. Tc would critize people for buying wow tokens as well.
  2. Op doesnt seem to be a fan of “people can use their money how they want to”

Blizzard has said rmt for services in wow is not okay. So of course people buying gold from non-blizzard source is not okay. Its against their rules. In retail though, buying tokens is 100% fine and acceptable.

He was mostly asking the why would they though, and the answer to that will always be people will spend their money how they feel like it.

Blizzard made gold buying okay when they started selling tokens.

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Fixed it for you.


Everything you said is invalid. Why, Because it’s against the TOA to buy gold. So why are you defending illegal(within WoW) activity and telling folks they don’t have the right to say anything about it?


People have been breaking rules since rules have existed. I’m not condoning gold buying, but to say you shouldn’t do something because It’S aGaInSt ThE rUleS is childish utopianism.

Saying you should break the rules cause ‘everyone’s doing it’ is stupid and even more childish. Especially trying to justify it on these very forums.


I’m not suggesting people should break the rules because others are doing it. That’s your additional to my discourse.

I’m saying that expecting people not to do something just because there’s rules is wishful thinking at best.

Blizzard has not addressed RMT or bots because it requires manpower. It’s as simple as that.


I really wish you folks would stop trying to push your misinformation and outright lies as factual information. Just because you all haven’t seen it does not mean Blizzard hasn’t addressed bots. They even posted about it. Has it been effective enough…no. But to just keep saying “Blizzard has not addressed RMT or bots because it requires manpower.” is NOT factual information. Ya’ll keep saying they have done nothing so much that you believe your own lies and misinformation.