Why are people buying gold?

There’s dozens of mages in my server’s Stratholme that have been online practically 24/7 for 4+ months. Don’t you tell me Blizzard has been doing ANYTHING about botting. Literally have a minimum wage GM logging in once a day in every server and banning every guildless mage in Stratholme, ZG, and Maraudon, and every Hunter spamming Eagle Eye non-stop on cooldown for 12 hours a day, and it would do more to thin out the herd than whatever they’re doing now.

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You have every right to say they are doing a very poor job of it or they are not effective enough. But to say they have done nothing like so many have been saying is false.


Please, no semantics. You know what is the intended meaning of “they’ve done nothing” is. Being dense is unnecessary.


Not semantics. Far too many players come here and say nothing has been done and give the same anecdotal examples you gave. I know what I’m saying and why I’m challenging you, so don’t try to be dismissive and say I’m just ‘playing with semantics.’

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It’s not anecdotal dude… Log onto Westfall and /who c=“Mage” (zone) or c=“Hunter” (zone) :

  • Stratholme
  • ZF
  • ZG
  • Maraudon
  • Dire Maul

There’s a good chance every single guildless Mage or Hunter with a funny name in any of those instances are bots. And they don’t get banned. They’re in there all day every day, for months on end.

You all want to be negative towards Blizzard and defend cheaters and think you are being rational…try again.

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If you were just talking about Blizzard and their ineffectiveness with bots, I wouldn’t have responded to you. But you started off by defending cheaters, so everything you say afterwards is suspect to me and has little weight.


Back in my day we had to get down and dirty with some random who would buy our way to that epic mount.

I’m “defending cheaters” because Blizzard dug this hole themselves. There’s almost no way to put a reasonable amount of time into the game without buying gold right now.

I don’t buy gold and I never will. I know people who buy it. I don’t agree with it. I have a disposable income. That has nothing to do with it. I don’t believe in supporting botting and otherwise cheating so I’d never do it.

I’ve heard the excuse “Well if I had the money I’d buy gold too” from the people who take the bought gold knowingly from others (and when I say knowingly I mean the person they are talking to literally tells them on Discord they are just going to go buy it from a website and will have it soon).

As I’ve said before I PVP ranked too which took a lot of time and earned 0 gold but the consumes etc cost a lot. I just farmed for the consumes etc beforehand and during the ranking.

Also my account was created when the game came out, and buying gold from outside sources is against the TOS. I’m not risking a ban period, even if the chance is really minor. You could hand me $1000+ in cash and say “The only thing you need to do is buy gold in WoW” and I’d immediately say no. IF it was through using WoW tokens then ok but through a third party. No.

I never had to buy gold ever, it’s against TOS and I wouldn’t want to risk getting banned for something that’s not even necessary to do anyway. There’s many ways in the game to make gold already and those should cover more than enough your needs, even gear.

Blizzard should perma ban every gold buyer and seller.


People puts tons of money into things they will never be good at. If Money can be used as a short cut people will try to use that short cut.

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I appreciate the replies. Im basically grumbling, and realize its impossible to unwind.

Everyone got better at the game. I made a ton of money on the AH early on, met some great people…felt like a community fir a bit. The gold was fot mounts, guildies, and basics. Took a break, compared ny spreadsheets…and the last four months obsession with the consume meta has clearly opened the floodgates.

Like I said, Im grumbling. No changes, fine. Vendor mats would likely go a long way in taking out the gold incentive.

And nothing stops people from using second tier consumes for raids.

Current gaming monetization has encouraged ‘Cash Shops’ with skips, power ups, and gear boosts.

Probably bleeding into gold buying so they can boost, skip, and jump to end game.

They really buy gold because Blizzard does nothing to stop gold sellers and gold buyers alike. Botters and hackers have run the servers dry of open world commodities and GDKPs have taken over the traditional PUGs as a result of everyone buying gold. In short, they buy gold because it is easier and there is realistically almost 0 risk to do so.

Blizzard simply does not care.


Because not a single person that has bought gold has had any consequences. Ask blizzard why they allow it instead.

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Im not defending it.

He asked why do people do it. I gave 3 perfectly valid reason why people do it.

As i have said before, buying gold from non-blizzard is bad and against tos. You shouldnt do it, and if they have a legit way to seperate you from someone who farmes the gold, i hope they ban them.

Buying tokens from blizzard to then sell for gold is perfectly fine though. Blizzard just doesnt want money transfers happening in their game without being the broker.

I answered why people want to buy gold and why they still buy gold even if it against the rules. They shpuld be punished gor it 100%, but those reasons are the why.

Not sure why youre hitting the invalid button though.

because farming is not viable with the amount of bots flooding the market.

when you can spend $20 for more gold that you would get after hours of farming to simply be able to keep up, its easy to understand why.

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