Why are paladins getting special treatment but ally shaman get the shaft?

Ally paladin whined endlessly and got lore overturned, so they could get seal of blood. Then they learned that they couldn’t seal twist without a massive batching window, and again blizz steps in to give them everything they want.

But what about ally shaman? Our draenei racials are so bad that they basically don’t do anything for us.

Shaman get a spell hit aura, which hovers somewhere between meh and worthless. Spell hit sucks for enhance, and your not buffing your party. elem already has way too much spell hit, so it does nothing for them, but buffs the party. A resto gets no benefit, and his party may or may not. Instead, why not give us the wotlk aura, that gives melee and spell hit?

The hot is worthless as well. It should be instant and scale.

I wanted to go enhance shaman, but as ally you’re just at such a huge disadvantage to horde shaman. How am I going to compete with free expertise + a free power trinket or a mini bloodlust? +5 jc? lol It’s so depressing that I don’t even want to play shaman, which has been my main for over a decade.

Why are the shaman always the red haired step child living in the broom closet?


Play horde, ally is a bad faction with bad racials. It will save you trouble in the future.


Our racials aren’t great, but that’s a race thing, not a class thing. We’re on even footing outside of that, and have the minor benefit of +1% spell hit.

Since we’re the only race on Ally able to be Shaman there’s no issue competing with each other. The BiS weapons are also not axes, so while Orcs do have Blood Fury (and Trolls Berserking) that’s not a huge difference either.

tier 4 bis wpns are season 1 wpns, including axes obviously

tier5 season 2 axes will be comparable to the fist + rod of the sun king, which you won’t get easily.

tier6 season 3 axes is comparable if not better than 2x syphon of nathrezim

only in swp are the fists outright better

P1 BiS is Kara/Glad. Speed matching is very important.

Debatable, but right now that’s not looking to be the case.

Also debatable, but I’m pretty sure BS weapons will overtake if you can dual wield and hammers will scale better than axes.

pvp wpn is better than the decapitator, and they’re all 2.6 axes, so…

bs wpns don’t go 1h until swp

Draenei won’t be able to compete with trolls and orcs.

What sims are you referencing?

We don’t really know that, though. Right now all we know is that at least for the first phase it won’t.

Why are you competing with people on a different faction?

For the non-shamans in the audience, why is speed matching so important?

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You don’t even need to sim it… The dps speed are the same and the pvp wpn has stats that easily begate the paltry 0.9 dps delta. They’re the same and if your sim says they’re not within the margin of error then it’s wrong.

They’re all axes anyway.

We do know that, because they changed in 2.4.2. There’s literally no reason to assume otherwise

because parses are cross faction

if we told you they would probably fix it just to keep the shaman down

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When your weapon speeds match, each pair of auto attacks happen at the same time. When Flurry procs, the next pair of auto attacks take up the first two charges, and then the last Flurry charge gets consumed by the pair of auto attacks after that.

Basically, Flurry gives 4 charges when your weapon speeds match. Warriors operate in the same manner.


On top of the Flurry uptime (when they’re “synched”), you also have a higher chance of having a WF proc on your main hand attack, which is significantly more damage. Instead of 50/50 (with evenly matched speeds, worse if you have a faster OH), you can have 60/40 at least by having them the same speed and forcing the main hand to attack first.

It’s really simple to do and in line with mechanics we’ve had forever, but it does have a noticeable DPS increase.

Nobody cares about parses other than those who actually parse. It’s irrelevant and unnecessary, and often requires gameplay detrimental to the raid.

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How do you do this?

There’s a few ways, but the current best way is to /startattack just outside the hitbox and run in. The MH always attempts to swing a fraction of a second faster, which leads to it leading.

Unless you interrupt your attacks (by leaving range for example), it’ll stay this way for… well, like an hour.

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If the mainhand always tries to attack first couldn’t you simply wait til in melee range then start attacking?

Outside of EMFH, once the game moved beyond Classic, better racials were constantly given to the horde in an attempt to even out the population. Does it really surprise you that Ally paladins got balanced when the original disparity does not exist here while the fixes put in place such as blood elves and certain racials are soon to be arriving?

agreed, remove chain heal for tbc


The situations aren’t remotely comparable.

Ally Shamans are fine.

But you get to be THICC


Obviously shaman need to. Step up their whine campaign in order to affect #changes

How is it not comparable? The horde have a large advantage