Why are cross realms enabled for battlegrounds and not for dungeons?

Because the internet was still fairly new and growing. Keep in mind the early 90s argued the internet was going to be nothing more than a glorified chat service fad that would die off swiftly.

MUDs and Battle Net showed people a very small glimpse of what was possible. Hell I think Ultima Online launched in 1997 and Meridian in 95 in a lighter sense. As far as Ultima Online goes that was a fully online game and was the birth of MMORPGs in their current inception. In fact the term “MMORPG” was coined by Richard Garriot himself when he was describing Ultima Online. I think back to that old movie “The Cable Man” where Carrey remarks at a satellite: “This is the information super highway, soon we will be shopping from our homes, a kid playing Mortal Kombat in his living room can soon be playing against another player living in Vietnam.”

Internet gaming never really took off until after Battle Net showing the viability of it, as well as really terrible internet speeds.

mate. BBMs have been a thing (and a multiplayer enviroment) for a VEEERRRRRYYY long time.

hell ever IRC channels via MiRC held some sort of text base role play for people.

p sure i was playing shandalar/ BBM titles waaaaaaay before diablo was even pitched.
heck even AoE had it’s own multiplayer feature if you looked for it.

Look I just don’t know what to say.

Only about 1% of the world populace at that time would be able to use internet infrastructure for gaming. And of those, only about 0.5% of 0.5% would have the connection speed to play d1 online.

Why would blizzard develop and implement technology for that?

I know d1 had hardline lan functionality, but internet functionality? BEFORE the internet?

wait… you actually think the internet was created in 1996.

oh boy.

tell me where in vanilla we had layers, show me where in vanilla we had 15k people on a server, show me where at any point in warcraft’s history blizzard didn’t cater to the horde. Cross realm BG’s are being put in so the horde don’t cry. The EXACT same reason they were put in to begin with… Horde tears. When there are so few alliance left on the servers that even X realm BGs have long queue times blizzard will open the merc system due to horde tears.

Neither faction is required to play this game. Blizzard has no problems with servers being 90% one faction or another, because it doesn’t matter. Just look at PvE realms… they get along just fine not caring at all what the other faction does.

We are not getting the vanilla cross realms BTW. Vanilla cross realms were in a battlegroup of 8 - 12 servers, not across every server in a region.

Please stop with “durrrr it twas in verniller!” because you obviously never played vanilla.

i would reccomend you go read the patch notes from today

Speed? Lol, it didn’t take much at all to do d1, just stop.

20 million households in the us had internet on 96, most using modems more than fast enough to handle the minimal info that d1 sent

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AoE servers were a thing. MSNZone was around same time as Bnet, right? LOL This is hurting my game psyche recalling all this. AoERoR game ladders and tourneys, man…

A PC gamer (pretty niche at that point, console were what people gamed on mostly) was the most likely type of person to have internet too

Feels really weird being on the same side as you in an argument but who said it was made in 96?

yea i’m p sure msnzone predates bnet. AOEror, antz, heck even yahoo games was a thing way back then.

some of us were lucky enough to have progressive parents who had electricity in our homes.

sometimes i feel bad for people raised in the sticks, then i realize why we leave those types of people in those environments.

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hope this helps

sometimes words are super hard for people and don’t understand ambiguous statements result in sharp conclusion that which aren’t totally out of perspective.

Text based Yahoo search was born in 1995. People used it all the time. I loved it.

Hey…someone should just read history of the internet and gaming sometime maybe?

It does by a few months. Bnet was on the 31st of December 1996, MSNZone I think was in like June, maybe August?

Yes it does, thank you. I hadn’t noticed that post.

WTF does X realm BG’s have to do with Battle net from 1996?


This is what happens here all the time. Welcome aboard Mr 55 posts!

Hey aren’t you the guy complaining for boycotting bgs from the Alliance? What happened to “When BGs come out the Horde are so trash they’re gonna get steamrolled”?

There’s nothing really to discuss on the op anyway, xrealm dungeons aren’t happening til wrath

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being 32 years young… and a canadian in the present year that i am in, i can say my memory is not what it once used to be so anything im claiming from my past is purely straws.

thank you for updating that

i’m still an OG heat . net / gamespy user from THOSE days.

gaming was weird back in the mid 90s.

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Imagine thinking a thread with 175 posts is ever going to stick to the same topic. Threads derail all the time. How it goes, honestly it’s better this way.