Why a poll about the legendary cloak?

You mean a lucky drop where everybody in classic whom got the bindings/eye is rn running around with it?

If you have to resort to coercing your players to participate in content, it’s not very good content.


That would make more sense… but a poll doesn’t really encourage people to leave feedback per se. It just encourages them to vote, which may produce odd results. Personally I have huge issues with how visions work. Something that was actually solidified when I ran across the below yesterday: (relevant content starts at 3:41)

Link to specific timecode because the forums strip that:

what poll? xD

Have they though? Getting gear might be what they enjoy. That would make any content that provides gear, content they enjoy :stuck_out_tongue:


I bet if they queried the data and found all the players who did a single mythic+ run a week, it would be far more than those that actually grind the content out. People have always done content that they don’t enjoy, if the reward is enough to justify it.

thank you very much <3

Legendaries should be class specific with a long path to obtain like In wrath and cata. Sure it’d make a few classes OP over the course, but those people earned it and it won’t be expected that you have it outside of bleeding edge groups.

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I never cease to be amazed at how people get twisted up over the color of a piece of gear.

It used to mean something. I’m not twisted up over it. I like scarcity. It’s one of the things I traditionally enjoyed about MMOs. I don’t like when everyone has everything. I’m like that outside of the game too though.

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Would you rather it be “walk up to NPC and right click”? If you think a small percentage drop is too much then make it a challenge like what the mage tower was on release but harder. Or make it where only a specific monster can drop it at a rare chance and make said monster spawn once every 2 months or something. It doesn’t matter but don’t call an item LEGENDARY and then give it to 100% of the player base for talking to Joe Mamma #42. Also don’t make a the thing mandatory for the content and turn it into a grind fest. That is not legendary that is just work.

So you like feeling special… OK. But the more that they lean the game in that direction the less fun it becomes for others because of how it generally negatively affects balance and the overall vibe and approchability of the game. That said I do understand your position, but think it’s better reserved for Mage tower like things.

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No I like others to get epic gear for doing epic things. I barely play this game, why am I in full purples? It’s silly.

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Because color hasn’t meant anything since BC/WoTLK? Hence why I’m confused people still care.

Why create a thread about why a poll about the legendary cloak when you could have asked in that thread?

Of course it is kind of funny since Blizzard doesn’t need a poll about the level of the cloak, they already have those exact numbers. Instead they should have asked if people liked it or not.

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I’m guessing the assessment will go something like this:

If you have a max level cloak, you must really enjoy the content.
If you don’t, you must not be good at the content, or unclear on what to do.
Legitimately not enjoying it (and thus not participating after a certain point) does not compute :smiley:


Purple is just a color.

They are just touching base about one of 8.3’s features (it’s about visions, not the cloak itself). They aren’t going to poll us about the dailies. lol.

They should make Heart ilevel and clock ilevel account bound so casual players can have alts