Who will we be merged with?

Anyone venture to guess which servers we might be smashed with? I thought about looking over all of the connections in the previous months and analyzing the weight of each realm and narrow it down via elimination but I’m not THAT bored yet. If we don’t get merged in the next set I’ll probably do it though because as a wise man once said…“I gots to know!”

Cheers from Gul’dead.

it was announce today.

We are being merged with: Andorhal, Eonar, Velen, Scilla and Zuluhead

Looks like they missed one in the initial announcement, Ursin.

Looks like we’re being merged with another fairly dead server group. We’ll see if it’s enough.

Yeah it looks like they are medium. I thought it was two different groups, but they may have been merged earlier?

Looks that way. Well we wont know until it happens. If it helps even a little I’m happy.

Yeah, velen and eonar were merged in with the others couple weeks ago

It’s seriously weird to see “High” as the population for Gul’dan.