[Whitemane] Martha Stewart Horde Sat 9-12 PM PST

Martha Stewart|Horde [H] | 9 PM PST Thurs/Saturday (Thursdays are currently optional, will be added if we need it in the future!)

Martha Stewart is now recruiting for full raid spots! We are a guild founded on the principles of community and having fun! Our goal is to provide an environment that is relaxed and enjoyable for all of our members.

We are a newly formed guild that just broke off from another due to differences with guild leadership. We have cleared all current raid content and will do so with AQ and beyond.

Current raid times are:
Molten Core (will be GDKP and optional) Thursdays @ 9 p.m.
Blackwing Lair Saturdays @ 9 p.m.
ZG/Onyxia put together throughout the week.

We expect our raiders to be fully prepped for raid, from being repaired to having their consumes to knowing the fights. Raiders should be able to have a high attendance for our raids,

World buffs are encouraged, they are strong but honestly not necessary for the current content. Certain roles (such as tanks) will probably be required to get certain world buffs, but the rest are to your discretion.

Loot will ultimately be loot council w/ guest members from the raid team once we have our core group put together, but for now it will be a soft res system.

We’re currently looking for ALL exceptional players, but full on rogues :frowning:

If you’re interested, hit up one of us:

Come and play with us! Give me a shout!

Bump! got a way better name!

Lets gooooo! LFM :slight_smile:

I know a guy

Hey it’s tuesday! To the top!

Full on rogues! still LFM! :slight_smile:

Would love some more priests :slight_smile: