Whitemane era cluster locked!

not even close. I was checking them earlier today for population. Ashkandi, Mankrik, Pagle, Westfall, and Windseeker is not bigger thanAnathema, Arcanite Reaper, Bigglesworth, Blaumeux, Fairbanks, Kurinnaxx, Rattlegore, Smolderweb, Thunderfury, and Whitemane. Not even close.

It’s kind of funny. I had two “Census takers” on that cluster, that I recently deleted and now the go along and lock it. Well, I don’t like crowds anyway.

THEY don’t get that most players prefer a crowded server because the activities that they do are instanced so the crowds do not negatively impact their game play.

There is still tons of room on the 2 East Coast PvP servers and there is cross realm PvP so you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the larger ERA population.

BUT please, please, no more people on Thalnos.

translation i ruin other peoples fun because that’s what’s fun for me cause i’m not a very good person.


Leveling in an environment where wpvp exist is actually really fun

It’s only a game.

Hi Everyone,

Just popping in to confirm that Whitemane-Era being locked is not intended and we are looking into this. Hopefully we should have it unlocked soon.

Thanks you for the reports!


Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

thanks for the reply

Can we have ANY information on the future of Classic/SoM?


Give us info on new Fresh servers

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in 3 years and 10 months, Aggrend has made 156 posts on the WoW forums. Good luck.


They do exist! :smiley:


Hah. So they are indeed watching things… why on azeroth would they never respond to anything, though? Boggles the mind.

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Hi Everyone,

Just popping in to confirm that Season of Mastery 2 is on the way. Hopefully we should have more information about it soon.

Thanks you for the support!

sweet! thanks for the confirmation! :expressionless:

Thank you, Aggrend!!!


Link to confirm ?

Thank you for replying!!

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I wish this was an actual post. Thanks for the tease though. Maybe one day.

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It was locked up pretty much instantaneously, why can it not be reversed as quickly now that the issue is known?

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