White Dragonflight

There’s white flags in Valdrakken. Probably the unifying flag of the five flights. But what if they’re meant to represent the long-lost Spirit Dragons?

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It’s a glass prism thing i guess https://i.imgur.com/XYf66Ik.png


I don’t know what Spirit Dragons are. I would like to hear about the extinct dragonflights of proto-drakes.

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Let’s add a twilight dragonflight and aspect!


6th aspect Light Dragons!

Which dragons are infused with Aggramar’s or Golganneth’s power?

I like that idea tbh

Idk what I think of the whole dragon feud either I’m so confused overall

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The Titans don’t strike me as nearly spiritually oriented enough to create such a Flight.

In fact, I doubt that any of them were spiritually oriented at all.

Since the Titans have moved on maybe the dragons should take their fate into their own hands. I do not mean abandoning the vigil they were set to uphold but if they want to reorganise themself, they could choose to. If another group of dragons want representation in Valdrakken then that could be an option. In my opinion the Stormdragons in Stormheim seem to be an “missing” flight. Imagine inviting them. They really cannot be scoffed at as a “minor flight” considering how al but eradicated both the obsidians and the blue ones has been.

I’ve always liked the idea of a Light Dragonflight being called the Dawn Dragonflight.

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Glad to see others have the same idea. If we had this we would have all magics tied to creation in some way covered

Red and Green already overlap too much as it is(Life and Nature, which is a subsection of life). We don’t need a white Dragonflight. Also, the white banners represent the unity of the five flights in a similar manner to how white as a color is the presence of the entire color spectrum. Looking closer at the banners you can see five gems representing the five flights.

There is but a singular White Dragon that appears only to contest the Endless Night by wielding the combined power of all Dragon flights.

It is said that it’s name is Raynor.

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Sorry, that character’s already been promised to Metzen in exchange for him coming back to consult on the story.

The dragon will look suspiciously like a bald-era Thrall.

I’m more upset that no one got the reference. :frowning:

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I vaguely get that it’s a SC2 one but didn’t actually play it :frowning:

It’s a reference to Kyle Raynor, the White Lantern, a role also briefly held by Deadman in DC comics.

Well now I just feel dumb

Fortunately, Intellect is not a prime requisite for serving the Light.

Maybe add the first name next time. If you’d said Kyle I would’ve gotten that it’s a GL reference but on a blizzard forum, everyone is going to go to Raynor from SC.