Whispering harassment should get you a week suspension

If a key falls apart, or a raid group wipes, and you haven’t provoked anyone by using chat - and then someone whispers you harassment, that person should get an automatic week suspension.

If there is some back-n-forth where there is any possibility that you escalated, or engaged, then it’s just mutual time wasted. But, if someone goes out of their way to say terrible stuff to you in a whisper, and you’ve not chatted in /party or anything, that deserves immediate suspension.


Define harassment.


No, no, no, there’s no need to bother defining anything.

If someone whispers you and says something you think is a violation of the rules, report it and move on. Don’t give it another thought.


“You are the worst healer/tank/dps.”
“You’re trash.”

there are worse.

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I put them on ignore then right click for harrassment.

Haven’t had a whole lot of that though least in pve.


What does that report even do? I’m pretty sure they get a in-game mail that says “you’ve been naughty please be nice.”

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Don’t take the bait, folks.


The person can get suspended. If they have already been punished, the punishments get longer.

Plus putting them on ignore allows you to not que with them in instance content.

Obv up to blizz though.


Sorry, bub, if you decided to leave their key mid key you don’t also get a safe space. Obviously within reason, the ToS does exist, but they have every right to chew you out within the ToS rules.

Right. Reporting someone will auto-ignore them (I don’t know if that’s temporary) as well, so if they are saying nasty stuff to you, that will immediately stop.

I wouldn’t worry about the punishment, though. Reporting/ignoring people, the goal should be to immediately alleviate whatever issue they are bringing your way. They will not keep you up to date with the actions taken against a reported player.

If enough people deem their behavior inappropriate and report them, they will get themselves sorted out real quick.

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Yyeeaahhh… that just goes with being a healer. You’ll get people who think you are satan incarnate, and then the next group will think you are baby raptor jeebus come to heal Azeroth of it’s wounds single handed.

Just learn to take it in stride. Report if needed, then move on past 'em.


This is one of the ways I can tell children are growing up in a bullying free society now.

These phrases now pass for “harassment”.

There is a difference between rude, mean, and harassment.


In my opinion, it’s more telling of the kind of people who think that behavior is acceptable, than it is of anything else. :tea:

My sentiment exactly. No need to put up with it, but no need to lose sleep over it either.


How do you define harassment outside of WoW? In real life.

Are we talking about violence, only?

No one said it’s acceptable. It’s just not harassment.


It’s temp so you ignore then report.


Use whatever term you want. Break open a thesaurus. I don’t care what word is used to describe these scenarios.

No, report them with the system that is already in place.

I was tanking a +12? ish SMBG on my vengeance DH. Had a mage who was slightly above where they should’ve been, gearwise, for that content. Wanted to speed through it at lightning speed, naturally. I’m already a pretty aggressive tank, snap-pulling the spiders and following trash pack into the first boss. The rest of the group were a little less geared, particularly the healer. I’ve tanked for a long time, and I’ve gotten pretty good at pulling right at the limits of the group. Things were going smoothly, even if 2 of the DPS were underperforming and the mage was not so far ahead that it was compensating. Still, easy +2, possibly +3. It’s SMBG after all.

Anywho, first boss goes down smoothly, I pull the big pack after it. The one before those mobs who exhume the corpses. Mage decides the 8? 10? mobs in that pack aren’t enough, runs ahead… pulls both exhumers “for me” and activates all 4 of the “death blast” mobs. My interrupt’s already on CD from the voidlash, as is sigil of silence. I wasn’t planning on pulling those mobs like that. Mage? Doesn’t interrupt any of them. Neither does anyone else, though they also didn’t pull them.

Group wipes, naturally. There’s still a few mobs in the first pack alive, and death blast basically 1shot the group. Mage immediately blames the group, is abusive, and leaves. Stuck with the others, helped them do the lowered key.

I 100% harassed that mage. I spent several minutes berating them, explaining explicitly that it was entirely their fault. Sure, the group “could” have compensated for their decision to pull. They shouldn’t have to though. If they had managed it, it would have been despite that mage’s actions.

Sometimes negative reinforcement is necessary.

Not really. There is a difference between condoning that behavior, and just accepting the fact that it will happen at some point, no matter how many restrictions you try to tamp it down with.

Would I ever whisper someone like that, telling them those sorts of things? Nope, not ever, not once. Do I know that there is a likelihood of it happening to me every single time I pug? Yeop.

It is what it is.