Which specs are the top priority for reworking?

Yeah, I want to talk about Shaman class tree talent because Enhancement is my main. The capstone is completely useless; Nature’s Swiftness is 100% useless, Totem stuff is 100% useless like Totemic Recall and Stoneskin Totem / Poison Cleansing Totem is pure niche. The class tree is too spread and you don’t have enough room to take something else. A lot of things in class tree should be baseline like Flurry + MSW (only Enhancement Shaman want them no matter what). Shaman class tree need to go back to drawing board.

Yeah, Shaman is the most vulnerable class to the one shot mechanics because Astral Shift is only defensive ability, after this they have nothing (Earth Elemental doesn’t count defensive ability at all).

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All dks specs could use a rework or revamp. Wish we could have a talk with the devs about it.

I’ve been saying, give warrior Garrosh’s Wrecking Ball. You throw a target enemy or ally to a targeted location. The ability was put into the game and used by the big Kul’tiran at the start of Freehold. It can even have other effects like stun on impact, snare removal, etc.

This would also be super good in PvP as it gives warriors more than spell reflect+intercept to save team mates.

my frost DK is so far behind my other toons DPS wise (at the same gear level ) its comical.
at this point DK’s dont need a rework , they need binning and starting over.

monk dps is fine they just need to get rid of the button bloat - doing decent dps on my monk is like typing a novel.


Every spec. Remove half their abilities and start again

Unholy is fine but Frost…

Shadow Priest is such a mess because the shadow/void lore is a mess. They need to figure out what they want the shadow/void to be. Tentacles? Old gods? Death and Decay? Spirits? Sha? Raw Purple and Black energy? Psychic?

This unironically. I think pruning abilities is the way forward, but they should present it as upgrades rather than just taking it away.

Unholy has way too many cds and the ramp up is meh, the opener is way too long. Reducing army cd each expansion has been an interesting idea early on but were to the point that we get too much army. Moreover the wound playstyle just isn’t worth existing if it’s gonna do wet noodle damage if anything that’s something BFA did right with Festermight and the bursting wound playstyle.

Survival Hunter
MM Hunter
WW Monk
Frost DK
Affliction Lock

DK has a few problems:

-Class Talent tree has a lot of nothing nodes that are required to get more powerful nodes (WOW, I GET TO SPEND A WHOLE TALENT POINT ON 2% LEECH? POG)

-Frost is pretty basic cooldown window resource dump gameplay and could use more. Flow feels okay, easy to understand.

-Unholy has too many cooldowns and lining them up (while not hard) feels terrible and you often have to hold things like trinket, ERW, or racials for around a full minute to line up with another CD window. Festering wound minigame is mostly disliked. Disease feels like an afterthought in raid builds and Outbreak doesn’t feel good to press/track but if you don’t you lose a lot of damage. Terrible flow in and outside of CD windows.

-Blood feels the most “complete” and has pretty good flow, but is hard to justify picking over other tanks, and doesn’t really have many “high points” where the player is able to feel really really good about their Class. Needs something to add excitement other than “big chunky death strike that heals for 50% hp”. Bonestorm is a good candidate for buffs.

Every class forum pretty much cries their class needs a rework.

Of the ones I play I would only say unholy/frost DK. I really enjoy blood.

I’d like it if WW didn’t have all of the ToD talents but that is fairly minor and wouldn’t call it a rework.

I REALLY enjoy MW right now so I hope they don’t mess with it. I’ve always enjoyed MW, been my main since MoP, but the current version may be my favorite.

Ret I think is generally fine, even if their single target dps numbers need to go up and their AOE needs to be reigned in. But functionally it’s fine.

Holy…I don’t know. By every metric it’s not terrible to use, but I just find it boring as all hell now. It’s primary focus being to stand back and cast FoL, spenders being trash, and and being in melee being more of a detriment due to the the FoL spam. It’s just boring for me lol so if anything I’d love for them to bring melee holy back but just…not completely invalidate ranged again.

Mages just had a rework.

That’s the same with any class

Anyone who thinks pruning is the way is grossly out of touch

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Didn’t rogues just get a rework along with DHs (we share a developer I believe)?

They did. As did mages.

Which I find funny the people that are saying they need reworks are kinda funny.

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I thought so, I have started working on my rogue alt recently and I am really enjoying it. I totally love the DH rework.

Rogue rework was pretty solid as was the mage one. I think most complaints are just learn to adapt issues.

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Would love a Frost DK rework. I desperately want to play DK but the only spec I actually like playing is Blood, and I haven’t tanked for group content since MoP.

Ret and Holy Pallys were already reworked.

Leave them be.