Which specs are the top priority for reworking?

Most class forums have posts clearly explaining that obviously and objectively their class/spec needs changes the most. There isn’t always a simple answer however, especially with Hero Talents on the horizon mixing things up.

I hear plenty about DKs being in dire need with everything, but also about Monks with their button bloat. What are the other classes experiencing similar issues?
Top 3-5 class or specs should show some commonality without bickering over #1 vs #2

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I want to say rogues, but honestly monks need help, especially windwalkers.


Monk doesnt need a rework.
It just needs a few tweaks to its talent tree and a some shifting of how stats work.
The gameplay is all there and pretty spot on.


I would like to see the game not be designed around Versatility. It’s so boring to need 2k-3k vers minimum on almost every spec for them to perform well, and is is SUCH a boring stat. Change this, and I think class design can have a lot more room for creative, fun designs. Let’s just remove Versatility entirely and replace it. Boring boring stat.

Like you would think as a fire mage taking crit would be the fun thing to do…but its your least valuable stat. Like hello, antithesis of design?? Remove fireball and frostbolt, they’re boring to press. Replace with scorch/frost equivalent.

For all casters, lets just make their basic filler spells castable while moving. I miss that so very much on Ele sham.


So rogue perspective theres still quite a bit of work to do on a few things

That said I’d say DK and Monks are in dire need. I’d like to see Affliction and Destruction Locks love.


I don’t think any class is as in need as DK TBH. Their class fantasy is totally lost. It needs to be remade as a modern class. The lore doesn’t even make sense anymore, let alone how the class plays worse than it did during Legion.

Personally I’d say shadow priest needs a complete rework too, IMO. It just doesn’t feel as polished as some of the other classes gameplay.

Then any other classes.

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Yes please.


I hope they leave mine alone…lol
blood and unholy DK
BM hunter
Destruction warlock

Hey Ion…theyre fine…please dont screw them up, lol

Most of the people on the class forums are tragically bad at this game and should be ignored.

The class discords have much better feedback

Affliction could use some small qol changes.

Destro is fine as is.


Specifically arcane and fire needs a complete overhaul. I just wish blizzard would answer. Fire and arcane are way too dependent on cooldowns.

Messed up the cool down window? Dps tanks ans there is no recovering it for the fight until it comes off cooldown. Fire is entirely revolved around a single ability, pyroblast. It needs some variety.

The monk and warrior class tree need an overhaul, the monk one is all over the place, and warrior has barely an CC in their tree, with their only decent aoe stop being a capstone, Intimidating shout doesn’t count because its a god awful ability that needs to go for good. The DK class tree, as well as frost, unholy, and blood trees need a complete overhaul, with frost needing a complete redesign. Affliction lock could use help too.

I love this ability and use it all the time in SS.

  • DK in general
  • Monks class tree talents
  • Druid class tree talents
  • Shaman class tree talents and survivability need to be better than that
  • Warrior class tree talents
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Holy and Retribution Paladins

Please leave Arcane alone.

Big agree to this.

To elab, our frosty doesn’t feel great at the moment.

Monk left tree capstones feel bad.

Druid to me is ok but has some weird pathing for some talents.

Shaman and greater mail class survivability is an issue. It is odd that a clothy is more passively tanky than Ele.

Warriors bring nothing for Incorp/Afflicted and feels bad. Certain capstones are dead in the water. Shockwave I’m looking at you

Prot warriors need more utility to be on par with other tanks, especially for m+. You currently sacrifice too much to get less than what other tanks have as a baseline.

Heroic leap being a mini mass grip would have been cool.

oh yeah, that would be pretty sweet utility

Frost (DK) and Unholy are the only two specs in the game that i outright dislike to play. So, those two would be my priority.