Which rogue spec is the easiest

so ive been trying all rogue specs and i didnt found an awnser which one is more straighfoward? (pve btw)

Um rogue is not an easy class like a hunter, Blood do, or a frost mage where you can just hit a couple of buttons and be decent. You have to practice and learn when and how to use the ability’s correct. I think all rogue specs are not that hard to play in pve. I love Outlaw for its grappling hook and its survivability I also like stealth ganking. I also just made this rogue this past weekend and have already got full set of pvp gear and working on geting to 1800. I am currently at 1550 in 2v2 at the moment.

The correct answer the op is looking for is Assaination.


I think it depends. I see a lot of people saying that assassination is easier, but as I started in the outlaw, I never adapted to others and I end up finding the outlaw easier and fun despite the rng it carries.


Grappling Hook and Crimson Vial alone made it hard for me to adjust to sin/sub on my Rogue heh.


Assaination is the goto for pve,its not hard to learn ether.

You know, Affliction Warlock is an easy spec.

Slice and Dice is a trash ability and should be passive.


You can actually make it passive with the right talents on sub

Honestly impossible to say, the most general answer is assass

However in my experience people pick up different specs better than others, I’ve always played outlaw spec and always regardless of how balance is looking performed better as outlaw.

It can be super annoying because sometimes guilds want you to respec to the meta spec but you play your comfortable spec better

None of the specs are “hard” so to speak. But, they are very different.

Assassination is slower paced and more forgiving if you make mistakes with the rotation. It’s all about managing your DoT’s

Subtlety is faster paced and revolves around Shadow Dance. It’s very unforgiving if you make a mistake.

Outlaw is also a faster paced spec that seems to focus on cool down and proc management. To me it feels like playing Wak-a-Mole.


Assassination for sure. It’s two consistent buttons between keeping bleeds up. Plus it has the delectable perk of S/D renewing on envenoms.

IMO MM is much harder/tedious than all three rogue specs.

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Lol, my main is a horde Tauren hunter and MMis easy AF to play. I play BM and love it, but hunter is by far one of the easiest classes to play behind arcane or frost mage.


Assassination is slower paced and more forgiving, so I’d say it’s generally the easiest.

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Outlaw 4 piece is pretty easy

Lol no. MM is definitely easier. It has the benefit of being super ranged (longest damaging abilities in the game), and the rotation is a very straight forward priority system with proc consumption. Also, the set bonus turns it into a meme spec where you’re basically spamming Aimed Shot 90% of the time, in ST and AOE.


I really think sub is the easiest spec.

Maintain rupture and slice n dice. Pool energy for shadow dance. Pop shadow dance, symbols, and shadow blades if it’s off cd.

Aoe is just shuriken into black powder while you weave sd and symbols lol. Super easy.

Sin has a ton more micro management with multiple targets and is about the same in terms of difficult for single target.

Combat was insanely hard to play at 90+ parses. Ghostly strike, green skin and the 4p along with rtb was honestly overwhelming for me.

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Disagree. SnD rounds out all 3 specs nicely.

You might have a point had you just said Sub rogue.

Slice and Dice is yet another obstacle to finally get to dispatch on Outlaw and yet another plate to keep spinning as Assassination.

I feel more and more like im playing legion feral druid.


SnD feels good on Outlaw because it directly results in more energy, and thus more button presses. It could use more interaction on Assassin for sure, but I enjoy spinning the plate regardless. Assassin in DF looks great imo.


You usually want to use your finishers on evisc and not waste a full 5 combo point on rupture if you dont need though… You also dont want to just waste shadow blades because its not on CD. It’s a huge CD and a huge damaging ability you want to use at the right time. And again, SnD, for your finisher you dont want to waste combo points on unless you really need to (restealth, points falling off, nothing to spend on if you’re stuck in a spot currently)

Do rogues even use black powder?

Probably the only thing i see you got right was Symbols, i have it in a macro of mine to use after i use a couple of Shadowstrikes and right before using evisc to get the energy back

This is all speaking on sub as PvP, but I don’t think black powder is really used as sub either way.

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