Which Race?


Been trying to decide on a new Mistweaver Monk but I cannot for the life of me decide on a race. I plan on going Alliance this go around as I would like to have at least one max level character for each faction.

My goal is M+ and occasionally raiding if I can pug it. I’ve narrowed it down between: Human, Nelf, Draenei and possibly Worgen.

Just looking for opinions on why you picked the race that you are playing compared to the rest.

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Just to get the most important part out of the way: Play what you prefer aesthetically, the racials aren’t that important if you don’t enjoy your character.

I chose a male human, because I think they are the best looking male race for tmog purposes, while also having solid animations. Female Draenei or Night Elf would are also equally solid options (for me)


male human, balding


I picked human bc of the lack of customizations for Kul’tirans. I believe Kul’tiran has better racials for tanks especially but they are beneficial for healers as well. I really enjoy the aesthetic of the Kul’tirans but they are greatly lacking in design. The human rep bonus racial was also a factor.

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Tauen, Zalandari, or Panda

Agreed, Kul Tirans desperately need more customization options. I was blown away when I made a Nightborne and Kul Tiran back to back by how lacking they are.

They also need some weight/belly options.

IRL, people can be tall, hearty, and not…blubbery when they walk…no need for those qualities to be a fixed combo package.


The only issue with having a weight/belly option then it wouldn’t really separate them from just playing a Human.


Pandaren. They are the OG monks and have the best monk animations.

All the other races animations just look kind of goofy in comparison …

Animations are huge for me if you haven’t noticed …


worgen mobility fills a niche monks don’t really fulfil elsewhere in the same regard. The out of combat human form auto cast is an improvement for people who don’t like dog form.

I really like kul’tiran I think the punch is pretty amazing tied in with monk base cc. You can punch → paralysis. Punch a caster into the tank without wasting rop

Draenei are cool too but mostly cause of the hooves.

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for a Mistweaver i think Human is the best

for tank is totally Kul tiran.

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I went night elf because I liked the idea of a night elf shirking off sentinel duty to train in martial arts under a visiting pandaren master. I have no regrets.


Personally, I say go with what you think looks the best! The racials, especially in PvE content, are less impactful in terms of playstyle.

If you are concerned about racials though, definitely human. Having a stunbreaker is really useful if you find yourself in a sticky situation. Nelf has a non-movement stealth, draenei racial is useless aside from flavor, and worgen have a slight movement speed.

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Only race that truly matters when it comes to content is orc imo and thats if you want to pvp, otherwise night elf is always the move for me.
Aesthetics + their racial is my favorite in the game,

Pandaren > all others


Panda for food buffs/reduced fall dmg/extra incap.
Human stun removal is great.
Shadowmeld can be a huge time saver in keys if you manage to be the last one standing: meld>mass rez>skip a potentially long run back. If you’re an idiot and forget your stealth pots, you can have your group skip the mobs that are to be skipped, cocoon, run well past, and meld.


Panda, accept no substitute


Jon Talbain (Darkstalkers) GIF Animations

Worgen Master Race


Monks are Pandaren. Pandaren are Monks. :panda_face:


I play a VE, because I am a transmog addict and it’s massively cheaper for me. The racials aren’t anything to write home about, but I used to be horde and I loved BE’s. So this is pretty nice.

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My first monk was a human.
I levelled them up to 70 but i found it a bit hard to connect with them.

Im currently levelling up a new monk as a void elf, and im feeling the character a lot more.
Void elves just look cooler, have cooler lore, a backstory for why theyre a monk that makes sense to me, and theyre just my favourite race overall anyways.

Playing a race that speaks to you is the best way to have fun imo.