Which healer is opposite rShaman?

I want to keep healing but I need something new, and I don’t want it to feel comparable.

bout two shades of blue


I would have thought it was comparable given the statues/totems, but I’ll try it

Holy paladin is different but I’d have a hard time recommending that one right now.

Just do what everyone else does and roll a disc priest, haha.


Disc Priest is opposite of every healer, actually a good suggestion. lol


ret paladin, but multibox

Mobility mobility mobility. Go mistweaver so much fun , run run fast as you can , can’t catch me ima monk!!! I know that’s not how that goes but mobility is a game changer in wow pvp

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Go Mist ! !

i just leveled mine T_T and my dk lel, im still thinking bout leveling my dh next hmmmm