Which class would be strongest with all talent points at once

For PvP and PvE

Has this ever been tested on a private server?

Warrior, they are already ridiculous. Give them full access to all their talents and they are even more ridiculous.


I feel like priests would be monsters in pvp as well

Also it would almost have to include everyone having x% more hp, because I think hunters would become pretty ridic with both the MM and surv tree dps talents, for example

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Its gotta be lock. Soul link with siphon and conflag. Mucho skill


Rogues and Hunters would be stronger for sure, like can you imagine a Combat rogue with Sub and assassination talents? Crazy yeah, but I still think the ability for warriors to have all their talents and how they scale so insanely well with rage just makes them even more broken and nuts than they already are.

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Warlock. Shadow Mastery, Demonic Sacrifice, and Ruin, all on the same character? Oh, god, would that be broken as hell.

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I like to think Shaman could do some dmg.

Elemental Mastery LB, CL, ES, then Nature’s Swiftness another lightning bolt, and probably finish off with a Storm Strike from a 2-hander that’s buffed with windfury.

I like to think it’d work well, but I could be wrong.

Yea was thinking shaman and lock as well. Although shaman would be trying to close to melee range vs many targets which would limit his dps via casts somewhat

Yeah either way pvp would be even more of a gib-fest, but would be pretty fun to mess around with

rogue says “rogue”. warlock says “warlock”. shaman says “shaman”.


i think it should be a weekend event!


There was a bug on one of the patches back in vanilla where warriors got one extra talent point.


It completely broke them. It was fixed double quick.

So my guess would be warriors.

A world where every fury warrior also gets one-handed weapon specialization and sword specialization. Yikes that sounds scary.

warrior with last stand, mortal strike, and fury dps talents, all mitigation talents? I’m in.

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Can’t build rage if you are under 100% lockdown…which they would be if a rogue had full combat with full sub and seal fate. That’s disgusting lol. And before someone comes at me with “but what about this and that” with a warrior. No. Adrenaline Rush with Prep = Good freaking luck getting to do literally anything before you are dead.

that’s where the parry and dodge and 40% stun resist and 6k hp unbuffed, last stand, and shield wall help.

Can you imagine that, Seal fate + Prep + AR + Blade flurry and improved sprint and improved kick and gouge at the same time~!!! GOD MODE!

Oh and less expensive cheap shot and the shorder CD’s


And the extra bonus attack power from Sub…just cuz lol.
Oh, and I am not saying rogues would be the most powerful or anything either lol. All the classes would have some significant stuff going on with all those talents. I can’t honestly think of a good way to kill a full resto full bear full boomkin druid that just keeps shifting in and out, healing, spamming god knows what at me, while rooting me over and over and over and over and over.
I mean, when played well they are a giant PITA now without all the talents to make them do it all better.
So yeah, I think I would take druid for PVP.


yup, imp spint + 2 vanish… they would have a rough life with AR backstabs.

Rogue or Warrior, probably.

Warriors getting One Hand Spec, Sword Spec, Flurry, Enrage, Bloodthirst, Impale, and Death Wish. hah

Rogues would get their weapon benefits from Combat, and Attack Power and Armor Penetration from Subtlety (and Preparation). Seal Fate and Cold Blood from Assassination are nice, and Vigor is alright to have. You’d get additional poison procs and damage.

Hunters have a lot of pretty useless talents.


Insane survivability with SL/SL, plus big instant damage from conflag and shadowburn.

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A mage with Arcane Power, Imp CS, PoM, Ice Barrier, Ice Block, Pyro and Combustion? Yeah, I like those odds.