Which Class Has The Best Lore

I was curious as to someone loves good stories and lore, which classes/specs have the most/best lore?

I think DKs are cool.

As this entirely subjective, I don’t have much more to contribute. I am looking forward to more DK lore in Shadowlands, it would be cool to explore how they are basically death-paladins, drawing on a cosmic force in the same way but… it’s death instead of light. Are DKs just Maldraxxus shock troops far from home? Are DK runeblades all imitations/uses of Maw magic? If they are using Maw magic, what do the covenants think of DKs? Will any of these interesting and obvious questions be acknowledged in even a single bit of dialogue? We will find out.


Most and best aren’t always the same. But if I had to make a top 3 of the Classes with the most lore, most fleshed out history, most presence in the story, I would say:

  1. Mage
  2. Paladin
  3. Druid

Warlocks and Shaman have a lot of history and presence in the lore, but they wouldn’t be in the top 3. Hunters, Warriors, and Priests are generic and self explanatory enough, and ever present. DKs have had lore added often, and more coming pretty soon.

As far as the Classes with the least, I think Rogues, Monks, and Demon Hunters don’t get as much lore and explanation or story focus. Monks and Demon Hunters had their expansion, and sort of faded to the background. Rogues pop up, but actual in depth Rogue lore or explanation of our class and abilities isn’t as prominent.


Druids, DK, and DH’s have the most unique lore in Warcraft in my eyes.


i like demon hunter

Death Knights and Demon Hunters are the only classes that have you playing a defined character (barring the Class Halls), but unlike Death Knights, there’s really no reason for Demon Hunters to stick around, so I’ll go with Death Knights.

Plus they have the better starting zone story.


This is bias but I think Paladins/Priests have a lot of potential when they explore the imperfect side of the light and start highlighting it’s flaws.

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I might be biased but Druids was very spot on with the Emerald Dream pathway and the connection to wildgods.
Even the Scythe of Elune that was responsible for the Worgen curse was woven in.

There were few elements that didn’t match or were forgotten.
The only one would be the fact that the broken Isles were basically retconned from WC3 as they were below the see.

Beside Druids I found Demon Hunters suiting and OKish, but nothing special.
Mages were spot on but no surprise.
Paladin probably was aswell but I don’t have classes that can’t be NEs so no idea really.

Hunters were somewhat meh, but coulnd’t think of something else.
Priests was … really bad actually… didn’t like that at all.
Warriors were the biggest dissapointment ever…
DK . mhm no idea didn’t play one in Legion.

Mhm … I feel like I forgot a class…

Assuming you define best as most fleshed out I’d have to give it to Death Knights too. Unlike Druids they’re unified in purpose and culture and have the ongoing conflict with the new LK trying to force them to serve to keep them interesting.

Entirely subjective I’m afraid.

For example, I’d personally say Shaman purely because of Unbroken.

Really depends on what you li ke.

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Ontop of what others have said, I think Monks have some good lore. If you play a Pandaren one, especially once the pre-patch hits, and you can level pretty much entirely in Pandaria.

I think that could actually be a strength to Druids, if they could bother to capitalize on it. Making Horde druids try to square the things the Horde has done, with their supposed purpose of protecting life. Tension between the Life based Night Elven Druids, and the Death based Kul Tiran druids. Conflict between long lived druids trying to restore the land to the way they remember it, and younger druids trying to protect the life that’s adapted to the way the land is now. More than just protect the trees from outside antagonists.


Let me tell you the story of a father.

A father raised in slavery, that had his son taken away to die in the frontlines, this father decided that it was enough, slaves couldn’t have weapons, so he decided to fight his way to freedom with his bare fists, he fought against enemies more massive, with weapons and magic only using his fists, and taught his ways to his people.

Now tell me how the monks origin story isn’t one of the most badass ever?

I like druid lore as well, and Warriors, though warriors don’t have a unique lore, you just have cool lore characters that were warriors.

Let’s be fair tho, warriors are probably the most badas people in this franchise. You have all these crazy magic-wielding maniacs, but then there’s just “guy with sword”.

A guy with a sword that doesn’t need a wild god’s blessing.

I just told the story about the guy with his fists and you’re saying guy with a highly enchanted sword is more impressive?

Pfff, a true warrior doesn’t need enchantments on their sword. Also monks are cool, but Chi is still cheating.

I prefer to go with race + class combo rather than just class.

For example : Night Elf hunter is way more interesting to me than say, gnome hunter. Also very different lore.

Orc Warlocks are cool while goblin warlocks … exist?

Well, chi is internal power, so it isn’t cheating at all. And I believe Kang started as a pure brawler, and learned about chi only after finding Xuen, but i might be wrong on that one.

Mage and Paladin (specifically the MHP brand of lore… but that`s what the masses like so!).

BTW my take on “best” is extensive lore featuring numerous, well-developed memorable characters and story beats.

Depends on what you want out of a class.
Warrior - completely open ended.
Shaman - actually a catch all term for numerous subclasses
Demon Hunter - a very narrow class that basically comes down to you either being a Night Elf who chose to follow Illidan, a Night Elf who found a book by Illidan, or a Blood Elf who was taught by Illidan after joining him on behalf of Kael’thas. The only real room you have for variance is what your character was before they were Illidari and how that influences them as a Demon Hunter.

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