Wheres the Vendor that sells the Sylvanas bow upgrade

And whats the currency?


Ditto - almost zero information out there on this.

Also can’t find anything, was really looking forward to being able to use the bow again even if only for a few months.

This is currently one of life’s greatest mysteries

I believe the vendors don’t appear until the “Crossing Fate” quest is completed, so we won’t see it until week 3 at the earliest

The base currency {Ancient Cypher} This is obtained Via a guaranteed drop from Killing Individual Fated Raid Bosses.
There are separate ones given for Normal, Heroic and Mythic difficulty. 20 of a singular grade are combined to create A Sacred Creation Impetus that item will raise the Item level to its next rank. I believe the Creation Catalyst in ZM is involved ?
“IE” a Mythic Sacred Creation Impetus will raise an Heroic Fated item to Mythic quality.

It states the Item must be from a fated Raid drop If you were one of the lucky few {Moi} and got it previously it is NOT up-gradable according to the tooltip post on Wowhead

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I’ve hard the original bow is not upgradable so what are we going to do ? Just hope it drops again, can it even drop again ? Maybe an item drops to upgrade it that we have to hope for ? Way too many ???

vendor won’t have the bow anyway.

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I believe this is the case. If I recall correctly, the drop rate for the bow is increased, and if you already have the bow, you’ll get an item to upgrade it to current ilvl instead.

People are talking about 2 completely different things here

There is an item that Sylvanas drops to upgrade your bow if you already have it, but theres ALSO a separate upgrade item off a vendor that raises bow to 285, the item sylvanas drops upgrades it to her difficulty level.

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IIRC the 285 upgrade isn’t to 285, it’s to whatever raid difficulty you are killing bosses on, and it’s for any arbitrary Fated item, not the bow specifically.

I read somewhere there was a specific 285 item, maybe that was alpha

Nope, you’re right. I found the blue post:

So it begs the question: How in the world do we upgrade the bow if we already have it? Hard to believe they just threw that out there with no information. It almost feels like the programming isn’t actually done. I expect to see a “good news post” about the bow later attached to a patch (aka they actually do the coding)

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Not sure if I misunderstood you here but…

whats crazy and typical blizzard fashion is by the time we can actually buy the 285 item… ill already have a 298 bow no doubt


Thanks I missed that part. I still think that needs more fleshing out with details and I will also say that drop has been a huge disappointment as I did not actually use it very much.

One can only hope its dependency on being an increased drop rate Old percentage was what 0.4% that’s 67 bows that dropped from 16,718 Domination Treasure Cash’s.

If they triple the drop rate to1.2% that still means only 201 that could drop and this is still variable as well some will skew.

Add to this fact it only comes around once every 3 weeks this effectively reduces the drop rate back to 0.4% They would need 4-5% to really call it a definitive drop rate increase if in fact they were really serious 10% drop rate would not be out of line especially as the Wailing Arrow part will become non functional if not the bow itself once 10.0 lands.

You have to burn a coin and its a 285. I think I am better off with and upgraded M+ which is kind of lame when you think about it.

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A total waste at this point in time. Got a 291 Mystic Anima Spherule from Vault.

So boosting an old version is a waste of a coin. They should have made it boost to Heroic level at the very least.

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You are so right. I have the Yasahm bow (298 after valor) in my vault right now. After simming it with the legendary bow (285) and Astral Verdict (298), Yasahm wins out (for me). An upgrade cap of 285 makes the legendary bow a waste out of the gate. After you get all the stuff needed to upgrade the bow you’ll probably have a way better weapon anyway.

Very unimpressive upgrade opportunity from Blizzard for folks who jumped thru hoops to get the legendary bow the first time around. There is nothing legendary about that bow other than its name is in orange.